This CalMessage was sent to all instructors on October 5, 2016.

Special process for the fall semester 2016 term only:


Dear Instructor,

The Office of the Registrar collects deficient grades each fall and spring term on behalf of the advising offices of our undergraduate Schools and Colleges. For fall 2016, we will be collecting deficient grades for students who are performing at the D, F, or NP level as of October 14, the end of the eighth week of the term. 

We are working diligently with the SIS Project to configure the grading features in our new student information system to be able to deliver a smooth end-of-term grading experience to faculty and instructors. By the spring 2017 term, we will also be able to collect midterm deficient grades within the student information system. However, the tools and programming needed to submit midterm deficient grades will not be available by the October 14 deadline.

Therefore, for the fall 2016 term only, we request that you submit the deficient grades via a spreadsheet or word document. Below is a sample of what is required. 


Student Name

Student ID

Deficient Grade

Instructor Name

Best Contact for Instructor


CHEM 3A, Sec 002


Johnston, Betsy

Example: 12345678


D, F or NP


Maria Garcia

There are two ways to submit:

  1. Via encrypted email to, or
  2. Leave it with your department in an envelope addressed to the Office of the Registrar and send us an email letting us know that we need to pick it up.

The Registrar’s Office is available to assist you with any questions about this process. Please feel free to contact Maggie Jacobs, or Karen Denton,


Cathy Koshland, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education

Walter Wong, University Registrar