June 29, 2016

Dear GSAOs and campus partners,

The SIS project team has completed testing of the new SIS electronic form and workflow process for the hiring of Academic Student Employees (ASE; including GSI, Tutors, and Readers) and Graduate Student Research (GSR) employees. Due to the highly complex nature of this process, we continue to work to integrate all Student Records, Human Resources, Student Financials, and academic eligibility requirements to ensure all user needs are met.

We now expect to release the new SIS ASE and GSR hiring functionality in mid-September 2016 for Spring 2017 transactions.

 What does this mean for Fall 2016 ASE and GSR hiring activities?

  • For Fall 2016 hiring transactions, you will continue to use the existing process and tools to convey the hiring information to CSS HR (e.g., “smartsheets,” ERSO system) and to communicate appointment offers (and amendments) directly to students.
  • SIS Campus Solutions will develop a report for hiring units to view most eligibility criteria for students -- GLOW reports will continue to reflect current appointment history.
  • Tuition and Fee assessments will be processed in SIS Campus Solutions beginning in late July, based on a student’s enrollment.
  • Once the Tuition and Fees are assessed, Fee Remissions will be posted in CalCentral.
  • In late July, students will see other financial awards in CalCentral.
  • GSAOs will be able to view  student awards and fee remission information by using their “View As” access to an individual student’s CalCentral page.