September 22, 2016 


Dear Faculty and Staff:

Based on your input, the Fall Semester 2016 Late Class Add and Late Class Drop Fees* will be waived for all undergraduate and graduate students.

On September 8, as part of the team’s renewed engagement efforts, the Student Information Systems (SIS) project held an in-person Triage Session that was attended by more than 80 advisors and enrollment managers. Triage participants expressed concerns about new SIS waitlist management functionality and its potential negative impact on students, which could result in late add or drop fees this fall.

Walter Wong, our campus’ Registrar, heard the SIS Triage participants’ concerns and recommended to the SIS Steering Council that we waive late add and late drop fees for Fall 2016, while we refine the new SIS waitlist management functionality. The council agreed with Walter Wong’s recommendation and moved the request forward to the SIS Project Executive Steering Committee. 

We commend the Triage participants who raised this issue for their student advocacy and engagement, and we approve the recommendation to waive the late add or late drop fees during this semester of transition. We hope this decision helps to ease your workload while we continue refining the new SIS.

Students may contact Cal Student Central or SIS Help, if they have questions about the fee waiver or the SIS system, respectively.


SIS Project Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

Harry Le Grande, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Cathy Koshland, Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education

Fiona Doyle, Dean, Graduate Division

*This waiver also includes Late Class Add and Late Class Drop Fees for fall semester 2016 concurrent enrollment classes.