Instructions for Instructors:

Processing Fall 2016 Concurrent Enrollment Requests


Dear Fall 2016 Instructors,

As a follow-up to our August 15 email, here are the instructions for Instructors on How to Approve or Deny a Concurrent Enrollment Application.

We understand that you may have received many email notifications from students, and apologize for the inconvenience that the instructions delay has caused.

Important: UC Berkeley Degree Students Get Priority

  • We understand that concurrent enrollment students want confirmation early to reduce uncertainty. However, please remember that UC Berkeley degree students have enrollment and waitlist priority.
  • Important: As a reminder, UC Berkeley degree students can add your course through the add/drop date.  Please visit the Office of the Registrar Enrollment webpage for Fall 2016 Add and Drop deadlines and additional information.
  • When processing concurrent enrollment requests, please make sure that you first allow UC Berkeley degree students to move from the waitlist into your class and do not add concurrent enrollment students in your class beyond the published enrollment capacity. Approvers are responsible for ensuring that classes are not over-enrolled.


Thank you for your patience and support as we transition the Concurrent Enrollment process to SIS and improve Berkeley's student experience through the implementation of a consolidated student system.


Student Information Systems Team