Here some new features you will see in the My Academics for fall semester 2016 enrollment:

Enrollment Card

View alerts to see and act on your Holds and Blocks** right from your CalCentral profile. Holds replace Advising Codes starting with fall semester 2016.

  1. Plan with your multi-year academic Planner (available later in the Fall)

  2. Explore the fall 2016 Schedule of Classes and add selections directly to your shopping cart

  3. Schedule an optimal semester schedule using Schedule Planner and then “export” to your Shopping Cart.

  4. Decide on classes your new Shopping Cart and finalize enrollment during your appointment times.

  5. Adjust classes, Add/Drop/Swap selections

** As we transition from Bear Facts (for spring 2016 and summer 2016) to CalCentral, we will have both “Blocks” (coming from Bear Facts) and “Holds.”