March 21, 2016

Go-Live 5: What's Included


In CalCentral, students could:

  • Schedule and view Advisor Appointments

  • Give “Delegated Access” to selected parents, guardians, and others
    (Each student could select unique access for delegated individuals to pay for their bills, view their grades, etc.)  (available since April 14, 2016)

  • Pay enrollment fees and other expenses using a credit card

  • View and edit Residency information

  • Receive Freshman Undergraduate Admissions decision information (available since March 24, 2016)

  • View the Schedule of Classes for (available since March 28, 2016**)

  • Enroll in Classes (enrollment appointments became available March 22* and began April 18, 2016)

  • View the Financial Aid awarding cycle information, including budget, awards, messages, loan status, work-study, and profile


In CalCentral's new Advising Dashboard, advisors could:

  • Assign students to an academic advisor
  • Access the Reporting Center
  • View and release student “Holds”
  • (Holds are also referred to as “Service Indicators.” They replace “Blocks” and the need for “Advisor Codes.”)

In CalCentral, staff with “Advisor Role” access could: 

  • Have “View as Student” access to non-private student data, such as service indicators, grades, planned course schedule, advisor appointments, profile information, and more

FACULTY (including Lecturers & GSIs): 

In SIS Campus Solutions, faculty will can:

  • View Class Rosters (available since April 18, 2016)
    (Faculty can view Class Rosters in bCourses.)

  • Faculty Advisors had the option to review students’ planned course schedule and related data

* The enrollment appointment dates availability excluded Law School students and other professional schools’ students who were on a different schedule.

**The Schedule of Classes for Law School was released on April 15, 2016.