June 29, 2016

Graduate Loans, Awards, ASE and GSR Hiring Update
Fall 2016 Awards and Fee Remissions Available in Late July

Dear GSAOs and campus partners,
Graduate Student Affairs Officers (GSAOs) will receive three emails this week with updates from SIS and Graduate Divison about processes, timing, and new SIS functionality related to graduate students’ financial information:
  • This email includes Graduate Student Loans and Awards timng information.
  • An email from Graduate Division includes details about a new SIS Campus Solutions Award Entry tool.
  • An email from SIS gives an update about the new SIS ASE (including GSI) and (GSR) Hiring tool.

If you have questions or concerns about the SIS project, please email us at sis-project@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail).

1.  Timing of Graduate Student Loans and Awards 

  • Graduate students who filled out the 2016-17 FAFSA and are eligible for loans can now view and act on their loan offers in CalCentral(link is external)
  • Graduate student awards will be posted in CalCentral in late July, after the new SIS Campus Solutions Award Entry tool is launched and departments have had an opportunity to enter that information into the new system.

    IMPORTANT: Students who receive other funding sources will have their financial aid offer adjusted. If a student accepts a loan and it is disbursed, the student may be required to repay the portion of the loan(s) that exceeds the Cost of Attendance.

    This week, we will publish this message in graduate students' CalCentral dashboards.
    2016-17 Financial Aid Loan Offers - Available Now 
    If you filed a 2016-17 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and meet all federal aid eligibility requirements, your federal loans are now available in CalCentral. IMPORTANT: Students who have been awarded federal loans prior to the awarding and/or disbursement of additional resources, such as fellowships or outside scholarships, will have their federal loans adjusted. If you have a loan that was disbursed and you receive an additional resource, you may be required to repay a portion of your loan. You are encouraged to monitor yout MyFinances section of CalCentral regularly for updates to your aid and your student account.

    Fall 2016 Awards And Fee Remissions - Available In Late July 2016
    In late July, the following information will be available for graduate students in CalCentral: 1) Fall semester 2016 awards from other sources (i.e., departmental funding, university funding, external awards, etc.) and 2) Fee Remissions associated with ASE and GSR appointments.

    Questions and Support
    Please contact your departmental advisor if you have questions. Click on the “Support” link below for technical assistance with CalCentral.

2.  Award Entry Functionality in SIS Campus Solutions

  • This week, GSAOs will receive an email from Graduate Division with information about the new SIS Campus Solutions Award Entry tool that will replace the fellowship components of GradLink/GLOW and Departmental Student Awards System (DSAS). The new tool is scheduled to be released in mid-July. After it goes live, 2016-17 graduate student awards will be posted in CalCentral. The email includes additional details, such as the temporary continuation of the Block Grant and Departmentally Restricted (DR) Awards Forms to help departments through this transition time. (A copy of this email will be posted next week on the SIS Advisors webpage(link is external).)

3.  SIS Hiring of ASE (incl. GSI) and GSR

  • This week, you will also receive an email from SIS with an update and details about the Fall 2016 ASE (including GSI) and GSR hiring process. This is a highly complex process. To ensure all user needs are met, the team is continuing to work on the new tool's development and new SIS ASE and GSR Hiringfunctionality will now be released in mid-September 2016 for Spring 2017 transactions.

Reminder: Partial SIS Functionality and Timing

UC Berkeley's transition to SIS is phased, occurring across a series of go-lives. Some features are first released with only some of the functions that will exist in the final version. The SIS team then continues to build and improve each feature based on rollout plans and user feedback from students, staff, and instructors. Some features and information, such as visibility to graduate student awards in CalCentral, will be available later than in prior years.

A Message from Graduate Division 

All students will get properly credited for all offered support for the fall semester and their stipends will be disbursed at the start of the semester. Many transactions that normally take place during the summer and well before instruction may take additional time this year. Thank you for your patience, understanding, flexibility, and collaboration.

Virtual Drop-In Hours for Advisors

We want to help you in your transition to SIS. If you have questions about any of the new SIS tools, please join a SIS Training(link is external) Virtual Drop-In Hours for Advisors. The next sessions are on Friday, July 8 and Friday, July 15, from 9:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. To join, go to https://bluejeans.com/228613074(link is external).

Thank you for your patience and collaboration as we work to improve Berkeley's student experience through the implementation of the new SIS.

Student Information Systems Team