This email is NOT sent to students. It is sent to SIS users with Advisor Role access, with a copy to all other SIS users and SIS campus partners. You may forward this email to others in your units as you see fit. Thank you.

August 29, 2016

NOTE: This is the first of three emails you will receive from SIS today. The other emails will include information about: 1) important changes to Fall 2016 SIS advising tools and 2) details about an upcoming SIS Town Hall.

Dear Advisors,

As a campus community, we are under a great deal of pressure this year. The breadth and depth of changes we are undergoing as an organization are unprecedented. I realize that the SIS project implementation has been incredibly disruptive and is adding stress during this difficult period of transition for UC Berkeley.

My team and I have been asking for your patience for some time now. However, patience alone is not enough. We have not been able to provide you with all of the training, tools, and support that you need and deserve to be successful in your work. I know that we need to do more, and do better. In the short-term, I am working with the project team to make decisions to make key adjustments to portions of our work, so we can minimize project disruption, wherever possible. We need your guidance and support as we make these adjustments.

Later today, you will receive an email with details about three changes to Fall 2016 SIS advising tools previously launched. We will communicate additional changes as we identify them.

I want to restate to you today that my project team and I are committed more than ever to providing you, and our Berkeley students, faculty, and instructors, with the SIS tools needed to be successful. Starting later this week, we will hold a set of SIS Town Hall meetings, where we will present to you our progress to-date and the long-term plan for how we will complete the SIS work and provide ongoing support beyond the life of the project. We will also answer your questions and solicit your feedback and engagement. (The date, time, and location are to be confirmed and will be included in separate email later today or tomorrow.).

I am sincerely invested in supporting you through these changes and will do all that I can to ensure that we are addressing the right issues and involving you in our next steps.

Angela Blackstone, Associate CIO and SIS Senior Project Executive