Please note, this message is for undergraduate students. Graduate students will receive a separate message from the Dean of the Graduate Division with information about graduate student enrollment deadlines and processes

Dear Undergraduate Students,

We hope you are having a wonderful semester.  As we look forward to the spring semester, we want to be sure to provide you with important information about upcoming financial deadlines that will help you plan ahead. 

Quick list: Spring 2017 key dates

January 9, 2017 - Financial aid and scholarships begin to disburse.
January 10, 2017 - Spring 2017 emergency loan application available.
January 13, 2017 - Official Fee Payment Due Date. Students may be subject to cancellation and dropping of all classes, if tuition and fees (current and prior terms) are not paid by this date. See Office of the Registrar website for additional information.
January 16, 2017 - Last day to withdraw without obligation to pay some or all of tuition and fees.
January 17, 2017 - Instruction begins.

The Cancel for Non-Payment policy (CNP) policy was designed to open up seats in classes that were being held for individuals who were not planning to attend. We understand that the policy was new in the fall and, as a result of feedback we received, we want to ensure you receive information about this policy in a timely manner.

Note that any students dropped can re-enroll the following day after being dropped. However, the classes you were initially enrolled in may no longer be available. Importantly, the majority of our students who receive financial aid, and are current in their payments, will have a sufficient portion (20 percent) of spring fees covered. Financial aid will already be available to eligible undergraduates by January 13. If you receive outside scholarships, we recommend that you check with your donor to verify that the funds will be sent to UC Berkeley. Please review the outside scholarship award information online for answers to common questions.

You can learn more hereIf students have any concerns about making the payment deadline, they are encouraged to contact Cal Student CentralStudents with extenuating circumstances may have an exception placed on their status. Cal Student Central is located at 120 Sproul Hall. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CSC can also be reached via phone at 510-664-9181 or you can open a case by following the “Open a Case” link on the CSC website;  When opening a case, please begin your inquiry with the letters “CNP.” 

We want to make every effort to support our students in a timely manner for spring 2017. Be well and have a great rest of your fall semester.


SIS Project Executive Steering Committee

Harry Le Grande, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Larry Conrad, AVC, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Cathy Koshland, Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education
Fiona Doyle, Dean, Graduate Division