Enrollment Guide

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Enrollment Guide

UC Berkeley staff with SIS advising role access now have access to select non-private student information needed to serve Berkeley’s students in one place: CalCentral. SIS has replaced Tele-BEARS, Bear Facts, and other existing systems, and is now UC Berkeley’s new fully-integrated student information system.

Staff with SIS Advisor Role Access Highlights 

Advisor Dashboard - My Appointments

  • Under the Advisor Dashboard’s Advising Resources card, advisors can now access a new My Appointments link under the Tools section. Here, advisors can now link their bCal to the appointments tool and set up their appointment settings. 

Student Overview - Transfer Credit card and Transfer Credit Report

  • Advisors can now access a student’s Transfer Credit summary data and Transfer Credit Report from the Student Overview page. 

Student Overview - Semesters and Class Enrollment

  • Advisors can no longer view the Semesters and Class Enrollment cards directly in the Advisor Dashboard. Advisors may continue to access this information for students via the View As function.

    Important: Please note that the Academic Plan card will replace Semesters and Class Enrollment cards. However, the Academic Plan card is still under development and is expected to be released in January. This card will allow advisors to compare a student’s Multi-Year Planner courses to the actual courses they enrolled in by semester. (It enables advisors to identify when a student has altered their planned course toward graduation.) 

Advisor Dashboard - Academic Progress Report and What-If Reports

  • In addition to being able to access the Academic Progress Report and What-If Reports links from a student’s Student Overview page, advisors will now also be able to access them via the Advisor Dashboard’s Advising Resources card.

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