Continuing Undergraduate Students: Enrollment

The UC Berkeley class enrollment process will be streamlined in the new system through CalCentral

To Know

Not Changing

  • The hard enrollment limit of 10.5 and 16 units for Phase I and Phase II respectively. (This limit includes waitlisted units.)


  • Longer Appointment Windowsyou will be able to enroll from the start of your appointment to the end of each phase, e.g. through July 15 for Phase I.

  • Swap Function“Swap” can be used to drop one class and simultaneously add another. By swapping rather than dropping and then adding, you ensure that you will not give up your spot in one class and be unable to enroll in the other. See Swap Guide [printable version].

  • Enrollment Time Conflict Processyou will no longer be able to automatically enroll in two classes that meet at the same time. If you try to enroll in two classes that have a time schedule overlap, CalCentral will alert you at the point of enrollment and give you an opportunity to submit an online request to enroll in both classes. It will take approximately one business day to process request forms. If no other restrictions prevent you from enrolling in both classes, your time conflict restriction will be waived and your enrollment will be processed.

  • Unit Cap Restriction - although the unit caps are not changing, they will now be enforced in the system. Students will be able to enroll up to their college's maximum unit cap during the Adjustment Period. If you have concerns about your college's maximum caps, please consult with an advisor.

    • Unit Caps for Undergraduate Students: 10.5 units for Phase I; 16 units for Phase II

    • Unit Caps for Graduate Students: 12 units for Phase I; 20.5 units for Phase II

  • Course Level Restriction - undergraduate students will not be allowed to enroll in graduate-level courses without approval. If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in taking a graduate-level course, please consult with your advisor to find out if your department will grant permission for you to enroll in that class.

  • Final Exam Schedule - final exam schedules will no longer be posted with the class schedule. Students will receive information about exams during the term. Note: if you do not have a time conflict between scheduled classes, it is unlikely that you will have a time conflict within your exam schedule.

  • Enrollment Appointment Priority - enrollment appointment priority is now assigned based on the number of terms completed, not units. Transfer students join UC Berkeley with a four-term credit.

New tools

  • “Schedule Planner” has replaced “Schedule Builder” to help you create a semester schedule based on your class preferences and scheduling conflicts.

  • A new multi-year “Academic Planner” is available so you can work with your advisor to create a multi-year class plan.

  • The “Academic Progress Report” (APR) allows you and your advisor to determine your progress toward degree.

Tools being retired

  • In March 2016, “Schedule Builder” was retired.

  • In October 2016, “Academic Progress Report” (APR) replaced DARS.

  • Tele-BEARS was used to add and drop classes for spring 2016 and enroll in classes for Summer 2016. Tele-BEARS has since been retired, though information from previous terms is available in read-only mode.

To Do

  • Create your spring semester 2017 class schedule with “Schedule Planner.”

  • Check your enrollment and waitlist status on the CalCentral “Dashboard.”

  • Search and add classes directly to your “Shopping Cart,” or import your plan from “Schedule Planner.”

  • Work with your advisor to create and populate your “Academic Planner.”

  • Go to CalCentral and click on your profile picture to view and act on any holds or critical notifications. Notifications may include the need for you to pay your bill.


Please email us immediately at for help with technical issues.

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