Important Message for Graduate and Professional Students: 

While most graduate and professional students will enroll through CalCentral, the following programs may have different enrollment dates and processesIf you are a student of one of these programs, please contact your advisor for more information.

Berkeley School of Law 

Haas School of Business MBA, EMBA EWMBA

School of Optometry OD

School of Public Health OOMPH

School of Information MIDS

Goldman School of Public Policy MPA

Continuing Graduate Students: Advising

CalCentral has replaced BearFacts and Tele-BEARSbears for student enrollment and records management. Departmental staff advisors (generally known as GSAOs) provide a variety of services and support to guide you through your academic program. SIS will add a number of campuswide advising tools to support students and advisors, including a new multi-year “Academic Planner,” the ability to schedule appointments online, and an “Academic Progress Report.”

To Know

  • The “Academic Progress Report” (APR) allows you and your advisor to determine progress toward your degree.

  • “Advising Holds” has replaced “Advisor Codes.” These student holds can be removed by academic advisors.

  • “Schedule Planner” has replaced “Schedule Builder” to help you create an optimal semester schedule based on your class preferences and scheduling conflicts.

  • “Shared Advising Notes” have been added to facilitate better communication for improved service to students.

  • A new multi-year “Academic Planner” is available so you can work with your advisor to create a multi-year class plan.

To Do

  • Create your spring semester 2017 class schedule with Schedule Planner.

  • Check your “Academic Progress Report” throughout the year to see your progress toward degree completion and outstanding requirements.

  • Consult with your advisor if you have questions.