Important Message for Graduate and Professional Students: 

While most graduate and professional students will enroll through CalCentral, the following programs may have different enrollment dates and processesIf you are a student of one of these programs, please contact your advisor for more information.

Berkeley School of Law 

Haas School of Business MBA, EMBA EWMBA

School of Optometry OD

School of Public Health OOMPH

School of Information MIDS

Goldman School of Public Policy MPA

Continuing Graduate Students: Billing

Starting in late July, you will use the CalCentral academic portal for fall semester 2016 billing activities. Under the “My Finances” tab, you can view new charges, see up-to-date account balances and transaction history, and pay your bills.

To Know

  • Tuition and fees will not be assessed to your account, nor can fee remissions or financial awards be paid, until after your enrollment in course units for the semester.
  • You can pay university bills online by eCheck at no cost; with a credit card for a 2.75% convenience fee; or with foreign currency through a Western Union wire transfer. Paper checks may still be mailed or placed in the dropbox.
  • During the transition, continuing students may see two balances in CalCentral: one for fall semester 2016 charges and another one for unpaid charges from a prior term.
  • Starting in July, eligible students will have the option to sign up for the “Tuition and Fee Payment Plan” (FPP), formerly known as Deferred Payment Plan. Through FPP, you will be able to pay your fees in five installments; an additional fee will apply.
  • Starting in July, you will be able to sign-up for “Electronic Funds Transfer” (EFT) to have refunds directly deposited into your bank account (recommended).
  • Balances overdue 10 days or more will result in a hold on your account, which could prevent you from adding classes or having access to other Berkeley services. Late fees may apply.

To Do

  • If you have unpaid charges from a term prior to fall semester 2016, be sure to pay them through Bear Facts. Do not submit the payment for these charges to your CalCentral account!
  • If you wish to grant a trusted individual access to seeing and paying your bills, you can give them permission via “Delegated Access” in CalCentral.
    • If you already delegated access to an “Other Payer” prior to fall semester 2016, you must reauthorize this individual via “Delegated Access” in CalCentral .
  • View billing information, such as amount due now and account balance in the My Finances “Billing Summary” section.
  • View and search your transaction history using the “My Finances” - “Details” link.
  • Submit a payment online by following the links on the “My Finances” - “Billing Summary” or “Details” pages.
  • Sign up for FPP (optional) once your fees are billed in CalCentral.
  • Authorize EFT (recommended).
    • If you already signed up for EFT, you do not need to take any action unless your bank account has changed.

Billing Details (Prior to Fall 2016)

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Billing Details  (Prior to Fall 2016)

Delegate Access & Billing for Parents

Delegated Access