Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students: Billing

Throughout your time at UC Berkeley, you will use CalCentral My Finances for billing activities, including viewing new charges, account balances, transaction history, and paying your bills.

If you wish to delegate access to a trusted individual to see and pay your bills, use the link on My Finances to grant authorization.

To Know

  • Tuition and registration fees will only be assessed to students who are enrolled in at least 1 class unit.

  • Failure to make sufficient payment toward tuition/fees will result in an administrative drop from all class enrollment.

  • You can pay university bills online by eCheck at no cost, with a credit card for a 2.75% convenience fee, or with foreign currency through a Western Union wire transfer. Paper checks may be mailed or placed in the dropbox.

  • Eligible students will have the option to sign up for the “Tuition and Fee Payment Plan” (FPP). Through FPP, you will be able to pay your fees in five installments; an additional fee will apply.

  • You will be able to sign-up for “Electronic Funds Transfer” (EFT) to have refunds directly deposited into your bank account (recommended).

  • Balances overdue 10 days or more will result in a hold on your account, which could prevent you from adding classes or having access to other Berkeley services. Late fees may apply.

To Do

  • If you wish to grant a trusted individual access to seeing and paying your bills, you can give them permission via “Delegated Access” in CalCentral.

  • View billing information, such as amount due now and account balance in the My Finances “Billing Summary” section.

  • View and search your transaction history using the My Finances “Details” link.

  • Submit a payment online by following the links on the My Finances “Billing Summary” or “Details” pages.

  • Sign up for FPP (optional) once your fees are billed in CalCentral.

  • Authorize EFT (recommended).

Fall Semester 2017 Important Dates

April 17 - June 28: 
Phase I Enrollment Appointments

July 19 - August 13: 
Phase II Enrollment Appointments

August 14 - October 27: 
Enrollment Adjustment Period

August 18:
Fall 2017 tuition and fees are due

August 23:
Instruction Begins

Delegate Access & Billing for Parents

Delegated Access