Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students: Records

Student records are now accessed through CalCentral. These records include transcripts, grades, holds, academic standing, residency, profile information, classes, enrollment appointments, credit evaluation, and exam schedules.

To Know

  • Information about graduation, transfer credit, and transcripts will be available in CalCentral.

To Do

  • Go to “Profile” in CalCentral to view and update contact information and preferred name.

  • View GPA, college, units and standing

  • Under the “Semester” section, view past, current, and upcoming classes and grades; order transcript and books; and calculate GPA.

  • “Status” and “Holds”: check residency, academic standing, and Holds reasons. Note: Not all Holds can be removed. Consult with your advisor for more information.

Fall Semester 2017
Important Dates for
Undergraduate Students:

April 17 - June 28: 
Phase I Enrollment Appointments

July 19 - August 13: 
Phase II Enrollment Appointments

August 14 - October 27: 
Enrollment Adjustment Period

August 18:
Fall 2017 tuition and fees are due

August 23:
Instruction Begins