Beginning with fall semester 2016, you will no longer be able to automatically enroll in classes that have a time overlap. As of July 18, 2016 if attempt to enroll in two classes that have a time schedule overlap, a notification will appear in your CalCentral, My Dashboard page.  The message will offer you an opportunity to request a time conflict override if no other restrictions prevent you from enrolling in both classes.

Scheduling classes with time conflicts is not encouraged. The campus enrollment system will provide a warning about possible conflicts but as a student, it is your responsibility to accept and work out any issues that might arise from these conflicts (e.g. scheduling of exams, attendance, assessment and course expectations). Instructors are in no way obligated to accommodate issues that arise from your decision to enroll in classes with time conflicts. Note that some colleges will not approve student enrollment in conflicting courses.

How to Request an Override

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Time Conflict Request