When entering an award for a student who already received an award in fall, it’s important to know what was entered previously, especially which Item Type (chartstring + charge priority) and what Split Code (Fall & Spring OR Fall only) was used.


Q. Can I enter a new award batch for a student for Spring if I already gave them an award in Fall?

A. Yes, if it’s an entirely new award for the student (different chartstring than used previously and/or a different Charge Priority).


Q. When should I enter a Revision instead, to ensure a Spring award does not accidentally affect Fall awards? 

A. When the Item Type is the same (charstring+ charge priority).

1. If you used the same Item Type (chartstring+charge priority) and set it up as a Fall only payment (Split code of FL or MF).  In that case, you can add a new award batch, make sure to use the split code of FS (or one of the monthly codes that disburses in Fall & Spring).  Then make sure to reenter the Fall information as well as the new Spring amount.  You will need to adjust the total amount as well for that line.

Warning: Adding a payment of SP (Spring only) or failing to reenter the Fall amount will cause the system to back out the fall payment (because it’s sending over a zero amount in the Fall field).


2. If the Award is on the same Item Type (same combination of chartstring and same Charge Priority) AND if it was set up as a Fall/Spring Split code (FS or one of the monthly codes) was used (even if manual adjustments were made so that only amounts in Fall paid).

In this case, you need to be careful to not REPLACE the Fall payment with a Spring payment.  Using the same Item Type but entering a Split Code of SP only would reverse out any previous payments payment.  Likewise, if you use the Split code of FS (Fall & Spring) but only enter payments for Spring, you’d be signaling to the system to retract the Fall payments (because it would see zero for previous months).  

In this case, you will need to follow the instructions in the Revise a Posted Award Batch job aid to revise the original batch and add amounts for Spring. 



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