5.5 Release Now Available

From: Student Information Systems <sis-project@berkeley.edu>
Date: Mon, Jun 6, 2016 
To: SIS leadership and campus partners
Subject: 5.5 Release Now Available

June 6, 2016

Student Information Systems (SIS) 5.5 Release Now Available

Dear SIS system users and campus partners,
The SIS 5.5 Release is now available! Here are examples of the new functionality:


  • Cal Answers now sources data from SIS
    • Cal Answers is the analytical tool that provides access to the integrated campus data warehouse. The Cal Answers Student Curriculum and Student Demographics & Outcomes subject areas and associated dashboard reports are now available with Fall 2016 transactional student data and academic hierarchies pulled directly from SIS Campus Solutions.
    • Please visit the SIS Data in Cal Answers webpage for additional information on this change. You can also visit the Cal Answers Student Data webpage for general information on the reports.
    • If you experience any technical issues or have questions, please contact the Cal Answers Help Desk for assistance at calanswers-help@berkeley.edu or (510) 664-9000 option 1, then 2.

  • Undergraduate Advising Report for New Admits
    • The Undergraduate Advising Report for New Admits is now available for college and departmental advisors to identify students by intended plan who have been admitted and completed their SIR process, but have not matriculated yet.

  • New Financial Aid Number in College 
    • The behind-the-scenes process has been updated to automate the "Number in College" calculation for financial aid needs analysis and packaging.
  • New Enrollment Card for Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) 
    • The new Enrollment Card is designed to meet the specific needs of the FPF students. FPF students may take a discrete set of classes on the UC Berkeley and San Francisco campuses.

  • Bug Fixes Performed
    • Fix to allow newly admitted students to view Status/Blocks and Holds details in CalCentral
    • Empty enrollment card fixes in CalCentral
    • Residency fixes for Haas in CalCentral
    • EDO DB Affiliates fix for campus integrations
    • Class and Student API enhancements and fixes for campus integrations


  • There is no new functionality for students released today.
  • Continuing undergraduate students can now view their 2016-17 conditional financial aid package and work study award in CalCentral.
  • Newly admitted students can now view the details of their Status/Blocks and Holds in CalCentral.


  • There is no new functionality for instructors released today.

Note on Partial Functionality

Berkeley's transition to the new SIS is phased, occurring across a series of go-lives. Some features are initially released with only some of the functions that will exist in the final version. The SIS team then continues to build and improve each feature based on rollout plans and user feedback from students, staff, and instructors.

Questions and Support

If you experience any problems with SIS, please let us know immediately. The project team is closely monitoring the system. If any problems or potential issues arise, we will do our best to address them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration as we work to improve Berkeley's student experience through the implementation of the new SIS.
Student Information Systems Team