Project Governance

During the project phase, the SIS Project was overseen by a Steering Council and an Executive Steering Committee. These leadership bodies were aided by the support and continuous feedback from the faculty and academic advisory bodies and the student advisory bodies.

Division and Functions

The SIS Project team dealt with operational decisions that did not impact the project budget, schedule, or scope; while the Steering Council and the Executive Steering Committee undertook decisions related to the implementation timeline and project budget.

The project team was led by Angela Blackstone with the technical, functional, program office, change management, and communications teams functioning under her leadership. Within the project’s technical team, lead by Karen Kato, there were a number of different functional groups that handled the development of functionality. This technical team reported directly to the Executive Director, Pat Furze, and the team’s functions were supported by the Project Coordinator Jane Valentine.

SIS Project 

UC Berkeley’s Division of the Academic Senate established the ad hoc Academic Senate Advisory Committee to SIS (ASAC) to provide input and guidance on faculty needs and perspectives to SIS. This gave the SIS team strong faculty input to ensure the systems were in accordance with academic policies and practices.

  • Made operational decisions and recommendations that did not impact project budget, schedule, or scope.

Steering Council 

The SIS Steering Council consisted of high-level subject matter experts who had direct functional interests in the SIS Project. Critical decisions and recommendations on the SIS Project’s scope, structure, and budget were answered by the Steering Council.

  • Consisted of subject matter experts

  • Made decisions and recommendations on project’s budget, schedule, and scope

Executive Steering Committee 

The Student Information Systems Project team included leadership from the highest levels of the campus community. The Executive Steering Committee (ESC) provided counsel and direction for the SIS Project’s scope, structure, and budget. The Committee provided oversight and also served as the ultimate decision making body.

  • Provided counsel and direction

  • Was ultimate decision-making body

ESC Membership

Larry Conrad

Larry Conrad

Associate Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Cathy Koshland

Catherine P. Koshland

Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Education

Steve Sutton

Stephen C. Sutton

Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Fiona Doyle

Fiona Doyle

Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division