Academic Change of Program/Plan eForm – Streamlined Approval Workflow

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This job aid describes the routing/workflow of the Academic Change of Program/Plan eForm once it is submitted.

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  1. Log in to CalCentral using your CalNet ID and passphrase.
    Select eForms WorkCenter from the list of Advising Resources.
  2. Under the Student heading, click on Add Academic Program/Plan eForm.
    Upon the Academic Program/Plan being submitted for approval the following can occur:
  3. One Step Approval
    IF Initiator is NOT same as Approver . . .

          Example: Barbara Felkins (who is not a Letters & Science advisor) submits the eForm to L&S.
          Form routes to the advisor of the other college (L&S) where the status is now pending.

          IF Initiator is same as Approver . . .

          Example: Frances Bright who is a Letters & Science advisor submits the form.
          Form Action is “Authorize” which means the request has been approved.

Sequential Routing

IF Initiator is NOT same as Approver . . .

In this example Barbara Felkins who is not a Letters & Science advisor submitted the form.
The form is routed to the additional college for approval.

IF Initiator is same as Approver . . .

Example: Frances Bright, a Current Major Advisor for the student Letters & Science, advisor submits the form.

Because she is the Current Major Advisor, it skipped the approval step for ‘Current Major Roster’.

Email Notifications: After the form is submitted an email notification is sent to the first step approvers (in this case New Major Advisor) and after they approve on the first step, an email will be sent to the third step approvers (in this case Letters & Science College Advisors) requesting for approval.

Note: In this case both the approval step (Current Major Advisor) is skipped and the email notification (Current Major Advisor) isn’t sent.

SIM Degree EGT Change Request

For SIM degree EGT change requests, the advisor of the home college is no longer required to add the advisor of the second college using the ad hoc routing functionality. The form automatically routes to both colleges sequentially for approval.

Order of colleges

  1. Business
  2. Chemistry
  3. Engineering
  4. Environmental Design
  5. Letters and Science
  6. Natural Resources

Standard Routing
Routes to both colleges, if Initiator is NOT same as Approver

Example: a student has a SIM degree Letters & Science and Business. An advisor who is neither Letters & Science nor Business submitted the form, hence it requires approval from both colleges.

Skip Approval Routing
Skip approvals happen if Initiator is same as Approver

Example: the student has a SIM degree in Letters & Science and Business. Barbara Felkins who is a Business Dean submitted the form hence it skipped the approval from Business and only routed to Letters & Science.

Reviewing Prior eForms
Advisors can review submitted eforms from the link ‘View a Student eForm’


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