Advising and Academic Planning Resources in CalCentral

The Student Information Systems organization provides a number of campuswide advising tools to support students and advisors, including a multi-year "Academic Planner," the ability to schedule appointments online, and an academic progress report. 

To Know

  • "Advising Holds" can be removed by academic advisors
  • "Schedule Planner" helps you create an optimal semester schedule based on your class preferences and scheduling conflicts.
  • "Shared Advising Notes" have been added to facilitate better communication for improved service to students. 
  • A multi-year "Academic Planner" is available so you can work with your advisor to create a multi-year class plan.
  • The "Academic Progress Report" (APR) will allow you and your advisor to track progress toward your degree.

To Do

  • Go to CalCentral and click on your profile picture to view and act on any holds or critical notifications. "Notifications" may include a request to make an "Advising Appointment."
  • Create your class schedule with Schedule Planner.
  • Check your "Academic Progress Report" throughout the year to see your progress toward graduation, outstanding requirements, etc.
  • Work with your advisor to create and populate your Academic Planner.
  • Consult with your advisor if you have questions.