August 2019 Release

The SIS August 2019 Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral(link is external) functionality:


View Completed Acknowledgements Link

Students can now view their completed acknowledgments from within a link on the Status and Holds card in CalCentral. The implementation of this link is part of UC Berkeley’s compliance with CA AB 2248, which requires students to be informed about specific information related to graduating in four years and Cal Grant eligibility.

Transactions Card redesign

The Billing Transactions card in CalCentral has been redesigned to better inform students about their financial activity at UC Berkeley. This update simplifies the student experience in several ways, by improving the display of adjustments, allowing students to see what charges are covered by a payment, and making transactions easier to find and understand.

Informational Popups added to Student Profile

Informational icons were added to various sections of the student profile page (“Try the New Profile” link under the profile picture). These icons are popups, which provide students additional information on what the fields mean in relation to the data, as well as how data may be used. 

Navigation: CalCentral login → Click profile picture → click “Try The New Profile” link → view any section → click on “i” icon to obtain information. 

Swap Information Displayed on Semesters Card

A Swap section has been added to the Semesters card in CalCentral. This section displays icons that indicate when a Swap is active between enrolled and waitlisted sections, as well as a clear description of the sections affected and the date the Swap was requested. This section provides students with the ability to easily see and keep track of their active Swaps.

Navigation: CalCentral login → Click My Academics → click current semester on the Semesters Card 

Updates to Enrollment FAQ Pages

Updates have been made to the following Enrollment FAQ pages to provide more clarity and guidance: Swap, Add/Drop Consent, Unit Limits, Permission, Errors, and Enrollment limits and phases.


Law Interdepartmental Request eForm

An eForm has been added to streamline the process for graduate students to petition to take law school classes without being officially admitted to the Law School. 

Navigation: Law Website - look for Law School Course Enrollment eForm Application for UC Berkeley Graduate Students

Law Academic Rules eForm

An eForm has been added for Law students to request an exception for Overload/Underload, Credit for a non-law course, or other rule.

Navigation: Law Registrar website -

Enrollment Explanation on Semesters Card

When a student is not moved into an available class from a waitlist, the student will now see a short description as to why the enrollment did not occur (and a link to the Enrollment FAQs Errors page for more information).   

Financial Aid Awards card

  • Displaying estimated disbursement dates and adding descriptive text for many financial aid awards. 
  • Instructional message displayed when students have authorization failure for awards. Replacing display "One or more User Edits exist for Student." with specific comment indicating reason authorization failed.
  • Revising labels for Third Party Contracts and displaying Third Party Contracts amounts.
  • Adding informational messages behind the "i" icon for 3 labels on My Finances page (Financial Aid & Scholarships card) 

Improvements to Incomplete Grades in CalCentral

The display for incomplete grades in CalCentral has been enhanced. Improvements include:

  • Students will now be able to view the lapse date for an incomplete grade one month after the end of the term in which the “I” was posted.
  • Students will now be able to see an indicator when an incomplete grade has been “frozen.”
  • Lapse date indicators and frozen indicators in CalCentral hyperlink to the Office of the Registrar Grades page which provides additional information. 

For additional information regarding incomplete grades, please see the sections regarding incomplete grades on the Office of the Registrar Grades page


Graduate Qualifying Exam Report eForm

Graduate Qualifying Exam eForm is now available for submission by Graduate Advisors (GSAO's). Advisors will now be able to submit a Qualifying Exam Report along with committee vote results for Doctoral Students who have completed their Qualifying Exam.

Doctoral students will only appear in the search results if:

  • The student has a completed Qualifying Exam Approval milestone 
  • The student does not have a completed Qualifying Exam Results milestone

Navigation: CalCentral > My Dashboard > Go to “Advising Resources” card, click the “eForm Workcenter” link > “Add a Qualifying Exam Report” link

Enable Rich Text for Person Comment Entry page

The "Rich Text" feature was enabled for the Comments field on the "Person Comments Entry" page in the Campus Community module. This allows rich text comments to be entered and displayed. These HTML comments can also be added to a Report Definition template. The template requires the field properties to be <?HTML2FO:Field_Name?> where Field_Name is the specific field in the template.

Navigation: Campus Community > Comments > Comments – Person > Person Comment Summary > Person Comment Entry

Visa status display in CalCentral 

Advisors will now have access to verified visa permit type information based on validated information from Berkeley International Office and the Office of the Registrar. Visa permit data from student applications are considered non-verified and will not appear. To summarize, this is the expected display information for advisors:

Visa status 

Visa Type 

Display text in CalCentral

Verified (G) 


F-1 International Student 

Verified (G) 


J-1 International Student 

Verified (G) 


PR Verified 

Verified (G) 

Any other visa type 

Other Verified 

Applied (A) or no Visa data 


None, no information display “Visa” section. 

Navigation: Calcentral > Student Lookup > Status & Holds 

Removal of Student Milestones Data Entry page

Graduate Division has retired the “Student Milestones Data Entry” page in SIS Campus Solutions. This will initially affect advisors who have previously bookmarked the “Student Milestones Data Entry” page in their browser and in their “My Favorites” page in Campus Solutions. Please remove these bookmarks as they will display in error now. 

Advisors should instead follow the “Student Milestones” link provided in the CalCentral “Advising Resources” card to access the appropriate page for milestone data entry going forward.

Navigation: CalCentral > “Advising Resources” card > “Student Milestones” link

Enhancements to Return to Title IV (R2T4) Processing

Further enhancements to the Return to Title IV are now available. These enhancements include the inclusion of institutional loans in the return calculations, a new run control to batch create worksheets, the ability to recalculate a previously created worksheet, and minor bug fixes to CalGrant award rounding and institutional charges included in the calculations.

Bug fixes to checklist and tracking group handling during ECSI and Campus Logic File Import

Bugs related to checklist and tracking group creation/updating during the ECSI and Campus Logic file import processes are now resolved.