August 2020 Release

The SIS August 2020 Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of the new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral(link is external)(link is external)(link is external) functionality:


Financial Aid Award Comparison

New functionality allows students to easily review changes to their financial aid award package from the Awards card on the My Finances tab. Previously, students could only view the current aid package.

Degree Planner now available for Undergraduates

Degree Planner is now available to undergraduate students with 2 and 4-year degree plans. Degree Planner leverages degree requirements, student enrollment and suggested 4-year plans to provide students a tailored path to graduation and seamlessly integrates with Schedule Planner. Suggested 4-year plans are limited to a pilot group of majors and will expand over time.

Updates to Graduation Checklist for Undergraduates

Additional links and context provided in undergraduate Graduation Checklist.  Graduation Checklist appears once undergraduates are on the degree list and remains visible after degree is conferred.

Academic Accommodations Hub link

New link added on My Dashboard tab, Student Resources card. 

New links on My Campus > Campus Life > Support Services

Added new links on Support Services card.

New links on My Campus > Personal > Wellness

Added new links added to Wellness card.

Campus Solutions

GSAO Self-Service page created for advisor setup changes (by plan and type) 

GSAOs can now manage GSAOs, HGAs, Department Chairs, GSI Advisors, Graduate Equity Advisors and Advisor Delegates for each plan within their department from the "Advisor Roles" box on the GSAO homepage.

Updates to eForm names in GT eForms Workcenter

When accessing eforms from GT eForms Workcenter, several eForm names have been slightly adjusted.

Undergraduate Academic Plan Change eForm updates

Change “Requirement Term” option has been added to request a change of Requirement Term on an existing plan. A "New Requirement Term" can also be defined in conjunction with Request Types - Declare Major, Add Major, Change Major, Add College, Change College.

Qualifying Exam (QE) Report eForm milestone updates

Qualifying Exam (QE) Report eForm milestone updates for students with additional milestones written on the same day. Previously, QE reports with milestones that conflicted with additional milestones written on the same day would error when approved with no way to correct. Now, if the form errors due to same date milestones, QE reports can be resubmitted and approved through WorkCenter the next day to get successful updates to the student’s milestone. Note: This workaround will not work using the Admin Tool Approvals.

eForm Email Notification Links requires VPN login

VPN login is now required to access forms for emails sent prior to 8/2/2020. Advisors and staff can also access forms through CalCentral via the WorkCenter or through the  Graduate Advisor Portal (GSAO’s) in Campus Solutions.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Required for Campus Solutions direct login

Logging directly in to Campus Solutions now requires the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This significantly minimizes security exposure and brings UC Berkeley into alignment with best practices for Enterprise Applications Security. As a result, BCS Users can expect less downtime resulting from emergency security patching.

Database and Operating System Upgrade

Campus Solutions upgraded databases from Oracle 12c to Oracle 19c and operating systems from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 to RHEL 7. This allows our enterprise application stack to maintain support with both the vendor (Oracle) and IST platform services.

Query Based Updater Filepath 

On August 2nd, the file directory structure on the Campus Solutions servers changed.  The Student Information Systems team has adjusted and retrofitted all SIS-owned jobs that may be impacted and communicated to appropriate campus partners.

New Student-Checklist API endpoint

Checklist API endpoint added allowing App_IDs with access to Assign/Create student checklist.  See API Central for more details.

New View (Minors) created for CalNet

CalNet enhancement: new IDM view allows academic plans (minors) that are independent of programs to be seen. Previously, minors were not visible.