Cancel a Class Section after Enrollment

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This job aid shows how to cancel a Class Section when there are enrolled students. Prior to student enrollment, a Class Section can be deleted using the minus button at the top right of the Basic Data tab. 

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  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Curriculum Management >Schedule of Classes >Maintain Schedule of Classes and search for your class. NOTE: If you are cancelling a “Non-Enroll” (secondary) section, note that the students will also be dropped from the main “Enrollment” section. Notify the students by email that the section will be cancelled (through the Class Roster or copy and paste them from the Enrollment by Class report). The system will not automatically notify students when a section is cancelled.
  2. On the Enrollment Cntrl tab, check the Cancel if Student Enrolled check box.
  3. Change the Class Status to “Cancelled Section.” This will activate the Cancel Class button.
  4. Select the Cancel Class button. This will drop any enrolled students from the class section.
  5. Select the Save button to finish.


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