Cancel a Process

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This job aid instructs staff on how to cancel a process in Campus Solutions.

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  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: People Tools > Process Scheduler > Process Monitor.
  2. If this is a reoccurring process, select the Green Circular Arrow. If this is not a reoccurring process, skip the next step two steps to step number 5.
  3. Select the Stop button to stop all future recurrences of this process.
  4. Then select the Return button.
  5. Select the Details link in order to cancel this current process.
  6. Select the Cancel Request option and then the OK button.
  7. Select the Refresh button to see the run status update to Cancelled. At that point the process will not run.
  8. The Process Monitor can also be accessed in all pages that run a process with a link usually next to the run button.


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