Change a Student’s Waitlist Position

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This job aid is for staff members. It describes how to use the Enrollment Request page to adjust a student’s waitlist position. It can be used in conjunction with checking the Auto Enroll from Wait checkbox, to have the system enroll students from the waitlist. This is a best practice for enrolling students from the waitlist without having to move each student individually.

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  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Records and Enrollment >Enroll Students>Enrollment Request.
  2. On the following search page, only use the Add a New Value tab. Enter a Student ID or use the look up table to search for a student by name.
    Note: It’s also a best practice to have more than one CS window/tab open, making it easier to jump between your Class Roster, Maintain Schedule of Classes, and Enrollment Request pages. After you make a change on the Enrollment Request page, you can refresh your Class Roster by selecting Return to Search at the bottom of the roster page and then selecting your class section again.
  3. Choose Change Wait List Position from the Action drop list.
  4. Enter the new waitlist position number in the Change To Wait List Nbr field.
  5. Enter the Class Nbr or search for it using the look up. Tab out of the Class Nbr field, or click anywhere on the page to populate the class information.
  6. Select Submit to finish.


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