Create a Favorite Link to a Report

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The following steps show how to make a report a “Favorite”, thus having it appear in CalCentral, on the My Dashboard’s Advising Resources section:

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  1. When you have a report open in HTML, the official report name is displayed at the top, left of the page.
  2. Select and drag through the report name to select it. Using Ctrl-C (Windows) or Cmd-C (Mac), copy it.
  3. Select the report browser window’s Close icon, to close the report window.
  4. In the Query Viewer section of the Reporting Center, click in the Query Name begins with text box, and paste the query name. (Ctrl-V for Windows, Cmd-V for Mac)
  5. Select the Search button.
  6. Underneath Search Results, you will see a row showing the query name for which you just searched.
    In this row, select the Favorite link.
  7. The query will then appear under My Favorite Queries in the Reporting Center. This may reduce the amount of time it takes to locate and run this query by seconds, but the real timesaver occurs when you exit the Reporting Center.
  8. Select the Return to Dashboard link.
  9. It may take 30 minutes to overnight to appear, but when you make a query a Favorite in the Reporting Center, you will thereafter see a Favorite Reports section under My Dashboard’s Advising Resources. 
    And in it, you will see the query you designated as a Favorite.


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