Create and Personalize Your Own Homepage

When you log into Campus Solutions, you will have a default homepage called “My Homepage.” You have the option to personalize Campus Solutions by adding new homepages and placing tiles on those homepages. The tiles allowed will be “bookmarks” to pages you commonly access. This is an alternative to using “Favorites.”

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To create a new homepage, click on the Actions List icon in the upper right.

Click on Personalize Homepage.

A schematic of the current Homepage will be displayed.  To create a new page, click on Add Homepage. (This button is light gray.)
If there are other available homepage options, you can add them by choosing from the list. In this example, there are none available.

To create a new homepage, enter the name at the bottom of the window.

In this example, we are creating a homepage called “Class enrollment.”

The new homepage is now listed on the left side.

To change the new homepage to the default page, click and drag it to the top of the list.
Clicking on the Home icon brings you to the new default homepage.

To switch to a different homepage, click on the drop down arrow.

You can make multiple homepages and switch among them based on your work needs.

Creating and Adding Tiles

Your new homepage is blank. You can add “tiles,” which function like Favorites, to this page as shortcuts. There is no limit to the number of tiles you can add.

To add a tile to a homepage, navigate to the desired page and click the Actions List icon.

Click on Add To Homepage.
Choose the desired homepage from the list.
In this example, we have added a “Maintain Schedule of Classes” tile to the “Class Enrollment” homepage. This tile will take you directly to that page in Campus Solutions.


For technical questions or assistance, please contact SIS Support: