Enroll (Add) a Student in a Class

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This job aid instructs staff members on the process for enrolling a student in a class.

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The Enrollment Request page is used to enroll (add), drop or update a student’s enrollment status. Depending on your security access, you may be able to apply additional transactions and overrides.

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to: Records and Enrollment >Enroll Students >Enrollment Request.
  2. On the following search page, only use the Add a New Value tab. Enter a Student ID or use the look up table (     ) to search for a student by name. 
  3. Choose Enroll from the Action drop list.
  4. Enter the Class Nbr or search for it using the look up (magnifying glass). Tab out of the Class Nbr field or click anywhere on the page to populate the class information.
    If there is an additional required, enter that class number in the Related Class 1 field or use the look up (     ) to choose the related section.       
  5. If you don’t want the student to be charged a late fee for the late add Select Action Reason and choose LFWV (Late Fee Waiver) from the dropdown menu. (If it is not late skip this step.)
  6. Select the Submit button in the upper right corner.
    To return to the Search page to process another student, select Enrollment Request on the top menu bar.


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