Enrollment Manager Training

Enrollment management includes enrolling and dropping students, as well as managing waitlists and permissions. In order to perform these job functions, staff must attend Enrollment Management Training to gain security access. Security access will only be granted upon supervisor approval, so please confirm that you need this class before signing up.

Upcoming Training Sessions

DateClass Code
August 21, 2019BESIS204-190821
September 4, 2019BESIS204-190904
September 18, 2019BESIS204-190918
October 16, 2019BESIS204-191016
November 13, 2019BESIS204-191113
December 11, 2019BESIS204-191211

Note: Completion of Enrollment Manager training is required to gain enrollment manager system privilege access in SIS Campus Solutions. The training sessions are intended for UC Berkeley employees who have enrollment management duties within their job description. Enrollment in the training sessions is dependent on job duties and is not intended for all employees.

How to Enroll

  1. Log in to UC Learning Center
  2. To view an individual Enrollment Manager training session, search by the complete code for a given date within the table.

    To view all of the Enrollment Manager training sessions for 2019, enter the Class Code BESIS204.