Graduate Student Hiring

Updated February 22, 2017


How can I update a student’s advisor assignments?

For urgent Advisor Assignment changes on individual students, advisors can update the assignments  by navigating to the "Advisor Assignments" link in the Student Overview page. Here is a link to the job aid: For mass advisor assignment changes, either for updates or corrections, please submit a ticket to  Please note that turnaround times vary with the volume of requests received.

Awards and Billing

Where can I find details about a student’s payment history and balances of Block Grant and Departmentally Restricted funds?

Award disbursement can be seen in CalCentral, “View As,” the Financial Aid and Scholarships > Awards section (click on an award to expand it) and in the Financial Aid > Awards > View Term Award Summary screen in Campus Solutions. 

Each disbursement (with dates) will be reflected in the student’s account (“View As,” My Finances > Details in CalCentral, Student Financials > View Customer Accounts in CS).

How can I delete pending Award Entry batches that we no longer plan to submit for approval?

You cannot delete a pending batch, but you may request that it be deleted by submitting a HelpDesk ticket to

How can I edit batches after they have been saved, but before they have been approved?

While the Batch Title cannot be changed, other data can be edited up until the point the batch is approved.

How do I revise or edit an existing student award?

Please see the “Revising a Posted Award” Job Aid at

How can I see the actual remaining fees for a student?

Complete fee information (including current balance) can be viewed in CalCentral via “View As” a student in the My Finances tab. A drop-down menu will allow filtering or expansion of transactions shown. 

How can I tell if/when fee remission has disbursed? 

Fee remissions are applied directly to student accounts, so they will never show as disbursed in a student’s Financial Aid Awards summary. In CalCentral, “view as” the student and go to Billing Details in My Finances. If the balance does not appear to reflect payment of the fee remission, click “All Transactions” to search for fee remission credits. 

In SIS Campus Solutions, navigate to View Customer Account. Click the “account details” link for the applicable term and search for fee remission transactions reflect there.

How can I tell the difference between a stipend and a fee award?

Award charge priorities are not visible in a student’s transaction history, but stipend awards are usually followed shortly by an associated refund transaction. When a fee award disburses, the fee charges that it pays are closed/adjusted at that time.

How do students convert loans to workstudy?

Work-Study is not currently available for students in a self-service mode on CalCentral, and the timeline for reactivation is not yet determined. Graduate students should open a ticket at, or visit the Cal Student Central office in person.  


How can I check a student’s enrollment history?

A student’s enrollment history appears in Administrative Transcript. Advisors have access to this through CalCentral > Student lookup > Student Overview page.

How can I tell if a student is not registered?

In CalCentral > Student lookup > Student Overview page, there is a STATUS and HOLDS card that will show whether or not a student is currently registered. 

See also the “Student Enrollment Summary” report in the Reporting Center, under SR Enrollment > Enrollments by Student. This includes the enrollment summary by registration status.

How do students withdraw from classes?

When is the withdrawal form available? Students must submit a Withdrawal Request through the eForm available in the Forms section in CalCentral. Deadlines are through the end of term, after which all retroactive action must be done on paper.


Where do I find the eligibility report and what information will it include?

The ASE/GSR Eligibility Report is available and can be found in SIS Campus Solutions under the Reporting Tools menu. The report contains the following information: ID, Name, Program, Incomplete Grades, Academic Standing, Academic Standing Term, Pedagogy, Ethics, Teaching Conference, English Proficiency, Units >= 12, and CUM GPA. Instructions for accessing and running the report may be found here:

How can I tell if a GSI has been hired into another appointment and is unavailable?

This information will be available on a report showing current appointments that will be available soon. We will announce the existence of this report when available. 

Once a GSI has been assigned to a course, will I receive notifications of any status changes?

No, notifications are not issued from SIS when the status of a GSI assigned to a course has changed. If each hiring department checks the eligibility report prior to officially hiring a student, this circumstance should be avoidable.

Will hiring departments be able to keep their ASE recruitment process?

How will ASE recruitment processes be impacted by new systems? Yes. Recruitment processes will remain the same, and individual departments’ recruitment processes should continue as they are now. We hope to enhance the process by providing a more centralized location for departments to post GSI openings to students from other departments but that functionality is not yet designed.

Is the Instructor-in-Charge notified when a GSI is hired?

Departments have discretion for implementing business process to maximize the utility of new systems. We will be working with department staff and HR staff to create business processes and feedback loops that increase all parties’ ability to monitor the hiring process from start to end.

What information does an appointment letter for GSIs include?

The contents of the letter have been reviewed and approved by the Graduate Student Employment Union (UAW2865) Template letters available here:

What is the policy if a hired GSI is placed on academic probation prior to the start of their appointment?

By policy, the student on Academic Probation is not eligible for an appointment and should be replaced. If the department must hire the student for some reason, an exception must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate Division.

How are hiring departments and instructors notified if there is a change in the GSI’s hiring status?

Probation due to lack of academic progress can be placed at any time. If this happens midway through the semester when a student has been teaching/working for a time, hiring units/departments need to request an exception from Graduate Division (for compliance tracking purposes). In order to reduce negative impact on undergraduate students, we will allow the appointment to continue once it has started, but the Graduate Dean’s approval is required.

What is the recommended process for checking student eligibility and issuing ASE contract?

The ASE/GSR Eligibility Report in SIS Campus Solutions has most (and soon all) eligibility criteria covered. Meeting those criteria should be the basis for issuing an appointment offer.

Where can I see if a graduate student has taught before?

 Students can refer to GLOW for historical data. GSI appointment history (for the purpose of counting total teaching semesters) will be available in a future enhancement of the ASE/GSR Eligibility Report currently available.


How long will GLOW be available?

Is new student data from SIS being added to GLOW? If all gaps are addressed, GLOW is currently scheduled to be retired in December 2017.

What do I do if I notice that an eligibility report has an error?

If you notice that data within an eligibility report is incorrect, please submit a ServiceNow ticket with the student name, UID, and any other relevant information.

SEP eForm

Are GSAOs notified when in absentia applications are approved?

Yes, GSAOs and students are notified when an “in absentia” application is approved via the eForm.

What is the standard turnaround time for fee adjustments?

Both In Absentia and Filing Fee eForms route to the Office of the Registrar staff for final approval. Filing Fee and In Absentia forms only route to the Registrar if they are approved after the term (selected for in absentia/filing fee) has started. They still must manually check to ensure correct enrollment (Filing Fee students cannot be enrolled in units and In Absentia students must carry 12 research units). Once they make final approval, the eForm component interface adds study agreement to the student and OR staff trigger a fee re-calc. Normal turnaround on forms is 1-2 business days.

What forms are routed to faculty for approval?

In Absentia (currently available) and DCR Doctoral Candidacy Review (coming soon). These forms require approval from the student’s dissertation committee chair.

How can I check the status of a student’s filing fee?

For the moment, Filing Fee and In Absentia status can be seen on the student’s My Finances tab, in reference to the current fees that are assessed. A second option is to run the “Student Enrollment Summary” report in the SIS Campus Solutions Reporting Center, under SR Enrollment > Enrollments by Student. This includes the Filing Fee information. This information will appear on a student’s registration status card in a future enhancement.

Where can I see status of in absentia? How are absentia requests processed?

For the moment, Filing Fee and In Absentia status can be seen on the student’s My Finances tab, in reference to the current fees that are assessed. This information will appear on a student’s registration status card in a future enhancement. In absentia and Filing Fee requests are processed by way of the Special Enrollment Petition (SEP) eForm, accessed by students in CalCentral.