Guide to Reports for Enrollment and Scheduling

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Below is a list of reports that are available for class enrollment and scheduling. They can be accessed through CalCentral advisors’ Reporting Center, or through Campus Solutions by navigating through Main Menu > CAL Components > Reporting > Reporting Center.

Notes on reports:

  • Some prompts for search criteria, such as “Term” or “Institution” are required in order for a report to run—required prompts are typically designated with an asterisk.
  • The more prompts you fill in or check off, the fewer are the rows of returned data. Conversely, the fewer prompts you complete, the larger the resulting data set. For example, if you leave the class number empty for a department, you will get data on all classes in that department. If you supply a class number, you will only get data for that one class.
  • Mousing over a report name will tell you what the report does.

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SR Catalog & Schedule

Course Catalog
Course Components
Catalog Audit
Catalog Offerings Audit

Schedule of Classes
Concise (Schedule of Classes)
Extended (Schedule of Classes, w/mtg. patterns)
Detail (Schedule of Classes)
Class Attributes
Combined Sections
Classes with Topics Titles
Classes by Timeslot
Classes by Instructor
Exams by Class
Exams by Timeslot
Reserve Capacities by Class

SR Academic Units

Summary Reports
Counts by Plan

Student Lists
Active Students by Plan
CPP Detail by ID
CPP Audit by ID

SR Enrollment

Enrollment by Acad Units
Enroll Summary by Coll/School
Enroll Summary by Division
Enroll Summary by Dept.
Enroll Summary by Subject
Enroll Summary by Course
Enroll Summary by Class
Enroll Summary Hist by Course

Enrollment Lists by Class
Enrollments by Class|
Enrollments & Stats by Class
Enrollment Audit by Class

Enrollments by Student
Student Enrollment Appointment
Current Service Indicators
Enrollments by ID
Enrollments & Stats by ID
Term/Cum Stats by ID
Enrollment Audit by ID
Enrollment Add/Drop Audit by ID
Course Repeat Check by ID
FPF Enrl in Non-FPF Classes
Law Enrl in Non-Law Classes


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