January 2020 Release

The SIS January Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of the new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral functionality:


Student ID will now display in Profile Pop-up 

The Student ID will now display when hovering near the profile link in CalCentral.  This will allow new students to more easily find their student id and decrease calls to Cal Student Central and SIS Production Support.

Confirming Undergraduate SIR Deposit Waivers 

Some undergraduate students are granted SIR deposit waivers upon admission.  The SIR confirmation card will now display language confirming the waiver. This will reduce student concern and minimize calls to Cal Student Central and the SIS Help Desk.

Two Golden Bear links added to New Admit Resources Card 

Informational links “Golden Bear Dates & Deadlines” and “Getting Started at UCB” are now available on the New Admit Resources card in CalCentral.


Additional Information on My Classes card

When a student is not enrolled in any classes for the current term the My Classes card will display the following message:

Campus Solutions

Automated Action for Veteran’s Benefits Reporting maintenance

A new automated process will update reporting tables in Campus Solutions when Graduate Division tuition and fee restricted awards are created.  This will save configuration and maintenance time for staff, and reduce errors caused by manual updates. A new QBU action, Add Leaf to ItemType Tree Node, has been added. This action is designed for use exclusively to update item types in the new UC_FA_VETBEN item type tree which will be used by the Veteran’s Benefits reporting module. The QBU uses a query to find any tuition and fee restricted item types that don’t already exist in the V_FA_AWARDS node of this tree. The action then adds each found item type to the node. In this way, as new Grad Div tuition and fee restricted awards are created, they can be automatically added to the item type tree making maintenance of this tree automatic. Since there are currently over 4500 of these item types, and tens of them are created each year, manual configuration and maintenance is not sustainable. Initial population of the node using this new action to takes about 30 seconds. We anticipate that this action may be refined for use in maintaining other item type trees in the future and encourage FASO and Student Financials to consider possible applications.

Batch updates to Assign and Delete Recruiting Categories

New automation will allow users to assign and remove recruiting categories from Applicants in batch.

Automated actions to Remove Evaluators and Evaluation Codes from Applicants

New automation will support the Office of Undergraduate Admissions finalization process when we need to re-assign Evaluation Codes or Evaluators.

Emergency Contact Information for visiting students

Emergency contact information for visiting students who attend Summer Sessions will now be available in Campus Solutions.

Update Class Enrollment card for LL.M./J.S.D. students

Update the LL.M./J.S.D. student’s Class Enrollment card to the correct email address - adpoffice@law.berkeley.edu