June 2019 Release

The SIS June 2019 Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral(link is external) functionality:


Graduation Checklist Notification

Students will now be notified by email when their Graduation Checklist becomes visible on Profile under Terms Information in CalCentral.

Waitlist Information in CalCentral

Improvements were made to the display of Reserve Seat information, which now clarifies how many Reserved Seats are available.

Law Student Updates in CalCentral

  • Law students will now see their academic awards in CalCentral on Academic Summary.

  • Improved information and reference for Law students will now be visible in CalCentral on Book List for all classes and Textbooks for each class. Language and link updates will refer students more appropriately to Law School Booklist Website for Law classes.

  • Law Professional Program students display of their academic level in Profile > Level will be more accurate, displaying their expected level at the end of the term.

Billing Summary Card in CalCentral

Improvements have been made to the Billing Summary card to help students understand what charges to pay and when they are due.


Law Textbook Information in CalCentral

Law instructors can now access a textbooks link to the  Law School Booklist Website for each class they are instructing.


Advisor Preferred Name

Multiple student-facing pages have been updated to display advisors’ preferred first name. The updated pages include Advising Appointments, Advising Notes, Student Advisor Assignments, Student Milestones, and the Advising card in CalCentral. Advisors can update their preferred first name in UCPath.

Financial Aid Summary

The new Financial Aid Summary report displays all financial aid activity during a student’s attendance at UC Berkeley, including financial need, cost-of-attendance, and awards received. Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and Cal Student Central staff can run this report within SIS Campus Solutions. A self-service interface for students is planned for release on CalCentral in late summer.

Updates to 2016-17 Financial Aid Pages

An applied Oracle update has removed the navigation to certain 2016-17 financial aid pages for the "Financial Aid History" component. The pages below will no longer be accessible through standard navigation; instead, navigate to the Financial Aid History component Main Menu > Financial Aid > Financial Aid History. Pages moved to Financial Aid History: 2016-2017 Suspense Management, 2016-2017 ISIR File Data, Correct 2016-2017 ISIR Records, Simulate 2016-2017 FM INAS, View 2016-2017 FM EFC Detail, Manage 2016-2017 Verification.

Attention Advisors/Staff:

Due to a recent system reconfiguration, some users may need to re-authorize their bConnected applications (such as bMail and bCal) to be surfaced within their CalCentral account. For more information on how to access bMail and bCal within CalCentral, please view these instructions