March 2020 Release

The SIS March Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of the new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral(link is external) functionality:


Undergraduate Admit Withdrawal Experience Improved

The experience for newly admitted undergraduates who decide to cancel their admission to the university has been improved with updated information. Students are directed to the appropriate link based on their matriculation status (pre or post matriculation).

Disabled My Dashboard for Withdrawn New Admits

If a new admit withdraws/cancels before matriculation, they will no longer have access to the data on the “My Dashboard” page. 

Final Signature Submission eForm

New graduate division electronic form that is one of the requirements for submitting final documents related to the dissertation filing process. Specifically, the final signature page and embargo request. Once the form has been reviewed and approved, it will update the student’s record with a final documents milestone. 

Expected Graduation Term Change eForm

New self-service eForm for graduate and Law Jurisprudence and Social Policy PhD students that allows for the immediate change of their expected graduation term. Selection allows for future, current or one term prior.  Graduate advisors are also able to use this eForm.

Prevent Unsupported Characters in Student Preferred Name and Emergency Contacts

Unsupported characters (such as emojis and international characters) are no longer allowed to be entered in preferred names or emergency contact data.

Agreements and Opt-ins in CalCentral

Student agreements and opt-ins will now appear in the Tasks section instead of the Notifications section. This makes it easier for students to view and take necessary action.

Campus Solutions

Display Instructor’s Preferred Name on the Instructor/Advisor CS Page

The Instructor/Advisor name was changed to display the preferred name versus the primary  name.

Navigation: Curriculum Management > Instructor/Advisor Information > Instructor/Advisor Table

Improved Combined Sections Enrollment Management Functionality

Improved access to enrollment and waitlist capacities for Combined Sections has been developed for Schedule Builders and Enrollment Managers. Previously, combined sections totals could only be updated from a page separate from totals for individual sections, making data entry and enrollment management cumbersome. This enhancement provides staff with the ability to update both combined section and individual section totals at the same time from a number of pages. Check out the job aid for step by step directions.

Improved CPP changes query in Reporting Center

An improved and 70% faster version of the tracking student plan changes has been added to the reporting center.  The query displays student plan changes between terms with the ability to search for changes within a college, division, department and more.  

Navigation: CalComponents > Reporting Center

AA Advising > Student Lists > CPP Changes by Term 


SR Academic Units > Student Lists > CPP Changes by Term



Stop Sync of Student Employee Names

The sync between UCPath and Campus Solutions to update names for student’s that are also employees has been stopped.

Aid Year 2018 Financial Aid Application data 

Financial Aid Application data for Aid Year 2018 has moved to Financial Aid History.