May 2020 Release

The SIS May Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of the new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral(link is external)(link is external) functionality:


Enrollment card for undergraduates and graduate students

Added enrollment period end dates and enrollment action (add/drop/unit/grade basis) deadlines for Fall and Spring terms to the enrollment card in CalCentral.

Enrollment card for Law students

Added the add/drop deadlines to the enrollment periods to the enrollment card in CalCentral.

Veteran’s Enrollment Certification

New eForm provides students the ability to certify and/or re-certify their veteran's benefits each term through a link on the Student Resources card. Form will automate updates to Campus Solutions, removing the need for manual staff data entry.

Links to published course captures (webcast recordings)

The MyAcademics card now displays links to published course captures (webcast recordings) of distinct class meetings. Only students enrolled in (or faculty assigned to) the course can access these links and must be logged in to YouTube with their bConnected account to view the webcast.

Student Profile update

Students whose social security number (SSN) field is blank can now update their Profile information with an individual tax ID number (ITIN). Previously, only SSN was available.

BOA access from CalCentral

Advisors can now access Berkeley Online Advising (BOA) from the Advisor Student Overview.

Improved bConnected messaging and functionality for new students

Simplified process for setting up bConnected accounts to be connected to mail, calendar, tasks and drive information.

Notifications card improved design

University and bCourses messages grouped separately for clarity and eliminated extra clicks to view messages. Previously, students had to click to expand the message and click again to open it. Now one click opens the message and new grouping provides increased transparency.

Campus Solutions

Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO) homepage created

A homepage has been created for all GSAOs. Upon log in, GSAOs will see a customized homepage with access to navigation collections that contain links for all associated business processes. Links include Campus Solutions pages, reports, & eForms, and external links to Slate & SIS Job Aids.

Fixed Known Oracle bug related to cross-listed classes

Developed a fix to a known Oracle bug affecting cross-listed class enrollment actions. Bug was preventing enrollment on some cross-listed classes when there were more students on the waitlist than available seats in the class.

Improved design for Graduate eForms

Graduate student eForms, except Committees eForm, have been transitioned to fluid design which adapts the display to the screen of the device being used.

Person API: Added Disability flag with start and end date information

A disability flag with start and end dates has been added to the Person API. This data is sensitive and only exposed to API users approved by UHS. Previously, the disability flag existed only in the Student API without start and end dates (and that data still exists there).

Integration of SIS data with AIM (New 3rd Party vendor)

Implemented integration of SIS data with 3rd party vendor AIM for DSP business processes.

Automated File Batch Transfer from FTP to Process Scheduler

Enhancement to automate moving files from FTP file directory to Process Scheduler file directory.

Calnet IDs now stored in Campus Solutions for Undergraduates

Undergraduate Calnet IDs are now stored in Campus Solutions via DMS population process.

Streamlined Academic Progress Report (APR) Exceptions processing

Enhancements to APR Exceptions process resulting in fewer steps and clicks to identify and add course directives

Archived APRs upon graduation

A PDF copy of the APR will be archived in External Student Docs in ImageNow for undergraduates upon graduation starting with Spring 2020.


Converted undergraduate enrollment grading bases to DPN for Spring 2020

All undergraduate enrollment grading bases for Spring 2020 classes were converted to Default Pass/No Pass (DPN) in Campus Solutions, with the option of allowing students to revert back to Graded (GRD) via CalCentral

Undergraduate academic standing status temporarily removed from CalCentral

The undergraduate academic standing status on the Status and Holds card is under review and will not display until July 1, 2020.

COVID-19 specific text added to academic transcripts

Undergraduate notation:
The COVID-19 global health pandemic required mid-semester academic policy changes to enrollment deadlines and grading. All graded classes were converted to passed/not passed with the student-initiated option to revert back to letter grade prior to final exams.
Graduate notation:
The COVID-19 global health pandemic resulted in mid-semester academic policy changes in respect to enrollment deadlines, milestone completion, and grading.

Law notation:
Due to COVID-19, law school classes were graded credit/no pass in spring 2020.

“Normative Time” for doctoral students extended by 2 semesters

The Graduate Division approved a 2 semester extension to “normative time” for all doctoral students. Campus Solutions updated.

Automated approval for L&S Late Class Drop eForm

College of Letters and Science Late Class Drop eForm updated to automatically approve late drops related to COVID-19.

Multi-term Course Letter Grade Request eForm enhancements

Updates to the Multi-term Course Letter Grade Request eForm now provide the option to request the first half of a multi-term course be letter graded while keeping their spring 2020 term course P/NP.

Withdrawal eForm updated with COVID-19 question

Added COVID-19 question to the existing Withdrawal eForm.