How to Navigate in Campus Solutions 9.2

With Campus Solutions 9.2, there are multiple ways to navigate. While the “classic” navigation is still available, in this job aid, we will describe how to navigate using the NavBar.

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On the far right side of the banner at the top of the page, there are four icons.

The icon on the far right is called the “NavBar.”
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When you click on the NavBar icon, navigation options appear.

You can click on this from anywhere within Campus Solutions.

Use the Navigator to navigate between pages within Campus Solutions. 

Navigation in 9.2 Image 2
Navigation paths have not changed, but the menu does not cascade as in the Classic version. Navigation Job Aid Image 2

Within the menus, the "back arrow" takes you back one step in navigation.

The location of the previous step is shown in bold at the top of the list.

The "up arrow" always returns you to the top level of navigation (“Root”).
Navigation Job Aid Image 3

Once you reach the page you want, it appears in its usual format.

In this example, the path was Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.

The navigation “breadcrumbs” do not appear at the top of your screen, but if you click the NavBar again, your navigation menu returns. 

Navigation Job Aid Image 4


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