2015 Student Affairs State of the Division: SIS Project Update

October 21, 2015

Student Affairs State of the DivisionRecently, Associate Vice Chancellor and Student Information Systems (SIS) Project Steering Council Member Anne De Luca spoke at the Student Affairs State of the Division. She provided an update on the SIS project's progress and shared information about the project’s commitment to improving our work by

  • moving from problem solving in silos to community problem solving;
  • building a more inclusive community by helping sync our campus systems and providing support to remove administrative roadblocks for students through increased collaboration; and
  • creating a student experience in the technology space that aligns with Berkeley’s world-class global reputation.

Anne also talked about the importance of the SIS project in helping shape Berkeley’s work culture. She highlighted the need to interact with one another with kindness and patience as we work together to build and implement new technology for our campus.

You can view Anne De Luca’s 5 minute update in the video below.
Note: The SIS Project portion of the presentation starts at 1:18:00 and ends around 1:23:00 of the video.

Student Affairs State of the Division - 2015