Academic Advising Retreat

August 10, 2015

Advising RetreatOn August 10, the SIS (Student Information Systems) Project held an all-day Academic Advising Retreat. More than 70 colleagues attended representing curricular and co-curricular units at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Participants engaged in discussions about user experience, academic planning, advising tools, and enrollment.

The day included:
  • An experience mapping session led by Bernie Geuy, that enabled attendees to better understand what advisors need in their dashboard to support their work.
  • An engaged conversation about Academic Planning and the use of Advisor Codes and Registration Blocks. Attendees were informed that Advisor Codes don't exist in Campus Solutions and decisions are needed on whether Advisor Codes will be replaced with Service Indicators (e.g. registration blocks). The next step is to meet with academic units to better understand their needs before a decision is made. 
  • The introduction of the Academic Planner, a tool to support advising of students for spring 2017 enrollment.
  • A Student Records overview of Academic Structure and the introduction of the concept of the CPP Stack and the potential changes to Student Enrollment.
  • Discussions on Class Scheduling, Transfer Credit, and GSAO SIS Advising Update in break out sessions

Based on popular demand and the SIS Project's continued desire to engage the advising community, the SIS Advising Team will plan for another retreat in the near future.