Go-Live 7 Release Announcement

September 19, 2016

Go-Live 7 banner

Student Information Systems released Go-Live 7 on Sunday, September 19. Below are some of the examples of functionality with this release:



bConnected Connection is Disabled:

The CalCentral class calendar connection with bConnected has been disabled until further notice.* (This includes calendar updates.) As a result:

  • Students who already downloaded the bCal calendar will retain their existing entries, but those entries will no longer be automatically updated.
  • Students should not attempt to use the automated calendar sync until this issue is corrected.
  • *For updates on this issue, visit the SIS Known Issues webpage.

My Academics - Profile - Terms Information for Undergraduate Students

Terms in Attendance

  • ​Number of terms a student has been registered for classes at UC Berkeley.
  • Note: Transfer students receive an additional four terms.

Expected Graduation Term

  • An Expected Graduation Term date was added for undergraduate students who are expected to graduate at the end of Fall 2016. It was calculated based on Terms in Attendance and vetted by the advising offices in each college, and it is now displayed to students through CalCentral.

  • Important: Undergraduate students who expect to finish all of their final degree requirements by Fall 2016 but do not see “Fall 2016” displayed in CalCentral as their expected graduation term must contact their school or college's academic advising office no later than Friday, October 14, 2016.

My Academics - Advising

Advisor Assignments

  • A student’s assigned advisor will now be displayed.

Advisor Appointments

  • ​The ability for students to make appointments with their advisor  was removed on September 1. It will be reinstated at a later time.

GPA Calculator Improvements

  • The formula for estimating a student’s anticipated GPA has been improved.


My Dashboard -> Faculty Resources

  • The description for Berkeley Academic Guide was changed from Class Catalog to Course Catalog.
  • There is a new link for the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL).


My Dashboard -> Student Overview

On the Student Overview page (reached through “student lookup”), advisors will now be able to see:

Student ID number (SID)

Terms Information for Undergraduate Students

  • Terms in Attendance
    • Number of terms (semester equivalents) a student has been registered for classes at UC Berkeley. 
    • Note: Transfer students enter the university with four terms in attendance.
  • Expected Graduation Term (EGT)
    • See the “Student” section for details. If data is available from DB2, an expected graduation term will be displayed.

General Reports:

  • Reporting Center CC Bio/Demo reports will now feature data for all students. Previously, these reports only showed information for Fall 2016 admits while we were transitioning from our legacy data systems to the new SIS.

Award Entry - New Item Type Update:

  • The automated functionality for creating New Item Type requests for departmental awards is now available. The temporary New Item Type request form has been removed.
  • Requests that were entered while the New Item Type form was still available are now being processed.