Go-Live 7.4 Release Announcement

January 9, 2017

7.4 banner

Student Information Systems released Go-Live 7.4 on Sunday, January 8. Below are some of the examples of functionality with this release:

Students (Graduate)

Special Enrollment Petition (SEP) eForm

  • The Special Enrollment Petition eForm, located in the Student Resources Card under My Dashboard, is used to apply for Filing Fee, In Absentia, and Parental Leave of Absence status. This eForm will streamline the petition process by providing automated eligibility checks (e.g., GPA, residency, program, plan, etc.) for each student. Once submitted, the eForm will be sent to a student’s assigned Graduate Student Affairs Officer(s) for review and approval. When applicable, the eForm will also be sent to Graduate Division for review. Once approved, the reduced fees for filing fee and in-absentia will be calculated and displayed in CalCentral under My Finances. Because of the transition from paper to electronic routing, we anticipate the processing time for this eForm to be significantly reduced.


Student Overview - Personal Summary Card (Undergraduate)  

  • The Schedule Planner link on the Personal Summary card now takes advisors directly to the student’s Schedule Planner, which reduces the number of clicks from three to one.

Advisor Dashboard - Advising Resources Card / Student Overview - Personal Summary Card

  • Advisors can now view the administrative transcript in CalCentral via the new “Administrative Transcript” link on the Advisor Dashboard Advising Resources card and on the Student Overview Personal Summary card. 

My Academics - Academic Records - Request Transcript Update

  • Students may now request official transcripts directly from UC Berkeley’s transcript vendor, Credentials Solutions, via the updated Request Transcript link in CalCentral under the Academic Records section of My Academics.

Note to Advisors - Official Transcript Processing:
  • Due to initial setup work required for this transition, students who order official transcripts via CalCentral between now and Wednesday, January 11 will experience a delay in receiving their transcripts. We expect this issue to be resolved by the end of this week. Please visit the SIS Known Issues webpage for updates.

Note to Advisors - Cumulative GPA:

  • Due to a software configuration setting issue, the cumulative GPA did not include fall semester 2016 grades for students in their CalCentral display, and for advisors in CalCentral's Advising Summary and "View As" mode. Advisors could go directly to SIS Campus Solutions to see a student's correct GPA. Fixing this issue was a high priority for SIS. We sent an email at the end of this week with an update.


Reporting Center - eForms Search Query Report

  • Beginning on February 12, a new query will be added to the Reporting Center. This SIS Campus Solutions eForms search report will make it easier for staff to view the status of their and their students’ eForms (e.g., Academic Plan, Enrollment, Withdrawal, etc.). To access the report, staff should go to the Query Viewer in CalCentral and run the UCCS_GT_EFORMS_SEARCH report. Staff can either search for individual students or view the status of multiple student eForms by CPP (career, program, plan).

Award Entry Item Type Requests

  • The approval process for Award Entry Item Type Requests is now automated. When a request is submitted, users will receive an automated email informing them whether or not the pending item type was successfully created. Requests will be evaluated at least twice a day on university work days.