SIS 5.6 Release Now Available

June 26, 2016

5.6 Release AnnouncementThe SIS 5.6 Release is now available! Here are examples of the new CalCentral functionality:

Students (and Delegates)

  • My Finances Financial Aid and Scholarships

    • There is no new Financial Aid and Scholarships functionality with this release. However, undergraduate students can now act on their official 2016-17 Financial Aid packages in CalCentral. As a result, undergraduate students can now: 1) accept loans and 2) convert loans to Work Study awards and vice versa.

  • My Finances Billing Summary and Financial Resources
    New for students and delegates with My Finances access:

    • The Billing Summary section now displays Fall 2016 information:
    • Billing and payment transaction details will display.
    • If students have paid their SIR deposit, a credit balance will display.
    • If no payments or charges have posted, a $0 balance will display. 

IMPORTANT: If a student has two amounts due listed under the Prior to Fall 2016 (for Spring and Summer 2016) and Fall 2016 sections of Billing Summary, the student must pay these bills separately. If the student combines and pays both charges together, the payment posting to the correct balance will be delayed. That will in turn result in the student receiving alerts for an unpaid bill, a late charge, and a Hold that will prevent the student from enrolling in classes.

  • New Financial Resources section functionality:

    • Once fees have been assessed, eligible students can enroll in the Tuition and Fees Payment Plan (FPP). A participation fee applies.

  • Future Student and Delegate functionality:

    • Late July: Tuition and Fees will be assessed for students enrolled in units and students and delegates will be able to make online payments for Fall 2016.

    • Early August: Students and delegates will be able to view the student’s Official Monthly Statement via CalCentral.

  • My Campus Academic Records Requests

    • My Campus now includes an Academic Records Requests section where students Request Transcripts and Request Enrollment Verification.

  • My Academics Book List

    • We have corrected a data feed and students can now view available textbook information and images for their Fall 2016 class textbooks from the My Academics Book List section.

  • Profile Emergency Contacts, Work Experience, and Residency

    • Students can now view and edit Emergency Contacts and Work Experience in their Profile.
    • Residency status display for Fall 2016 has been fixed.


  • My Finances Financial Resources

    • Advisors with View As access can view the Fall 2016 activity for a student. (See details above.)

  • Advising Dashboard Semesters and Advising Resources

    • Under Semesters, advisors can now review the student's semester section, including class, course title, and units for all academic history. Grades from previous terms will be available in mid-July.

    • Under Advising Resources, advisors can now access the eForms Work Center, eForms Work List, and through the WebNow Documents link they can access imaged documents, such as external transcripts, test score documentation, and more.

  • Transfer Credit Processing Update

    • Since the last Go-Live, the transfer credit team has received and processed more than 1,000 inbound electronic transcripts (EDIs) for newly admitted and continuing students. The Admissions team will evaluate these transcripts against the students' self-reported data for accuracy and to ensure that students have fulfilled their requirements for admissions. This data will then be processed through the transfer credit rules that the team has built (primarily for California Community Colleges at this point), to determine the UC Berkeley course equivalencies, so that the credit can be appropriately applied toward their degree.


  • My Academics Class Info, Enrollment, Rosters, Textbooks, Email, and more
    From My Academics, instructors can see their Fall 2016 classes listed under the Teaching section. When an instructor clicks on a class, they can now see additional student information under the Class Info, Enrollment, and Roster tabs:

    • Class Info:
      • Section Schedules now breaks out Recurring Schedules from Individual Sessions.
      • Instructors can now see textbook information and images for their adopted Fall 2016 class textbooks.

NOTE: Instructors will continue to submit textbook adoptions for their classes through

    • Enrollment:
      • Instructors can now view additional information on their Wait List and Enrollment List for each of Fall 2016 class and section: Email address, Major, and Terms in Attendance for each student.
      • Instructors can now 1) click on a student’s email address to email a student, 2) click on the Copy Addresses button to generate an editable email list, or 3) Export all displayed student information under Wait List and Enrollment List.

IMPORTANT: Due to FERPA regulations, instructors must type or paste students’ email addresses in their email’s Bcc field when emailing more than one student.

    • Roster:
      • Instructors can view, print, or export their class rosters.
      • Under each student photo in a class roster, instructors can click the student’s last name to email a student, or they can view the student’s Major and Terms in Attendance.

Note on Partial Functionality

Berkeley's transition to the new SIS is phased, occurring across a series of go-lives. Some features are initially released with only some of the functions that will exist in the final version. The SIS team then continues to build and improve each feature based on rollout plans and user feedback from students, staff, and instructors.