SIS Project Update: The Student Factor

UCB Academic Planning Map

October 16, 2015

The SIS project has assembled a diverse team of UC Berkeley, technology, and higher education experts to design and implement Berkeley’s new Student Information Systems (SIS). Our intention from the beginning of the project has been to draw upon the expertise of our students to help us design the new SIS. In addition to engaging the larger student population, roughly 10% of our SIS staff are students. These students contribute hundreds of hours each month to the project. They provide SIS design feedback, develop code, create screen design prototypes, validate webpage navigation, write testing scenarios, generate workflows, make training videos, and more.

One critical contribution by these talented students was the creation of an Academic Planning & Enrollment “Journey” Map (see video below). User Experience (UX) design intern students, Shannon Chu and Drake Myers, conducted research and analysis over the summer on  how students approach Academic Planning and Enrollment and their results are now at the center of the new SIS CalCentral interface that will improve this very important student workflow. The map is helping the SIS project identify "touchpoints" with the SIS, and understand how students make decisions. Additionally, the students' research is helping the project set priorities and guide work moving forward. As the SIS project progresses, it will continue to leverage the amazing minds, creative ideas, and unique perspectives of our UC Berkeley student staff.