New Award Entry Features: Summer Awarding and Student Batch Searches

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Date: Tue, Mar 28, 2017 
To: Award Entry Users  

New Award Entry Features:  Summer Awarding and  Student Batch Searches  

March 28, 2017

New Award Entry Features: Summer Awarding and Student Batch Searches

Dear Award Entry Users,

Student Information Systems released Go-Live 8 on Sunday, March 26. With this release, there are new features for Award Entry users.

These tips and updates are intended for award entry users who are familiar with the system. If you are a new award entry user or are not familiar with this process, please reach out to your supervisor for direction on how to proceed.

Entering Summer Awards

Process and Tips

  • Summer awards must be entered using separate, summer-specific Item Types. You cannot use an academic year Item Type to make a summer award.
  • For Department Awards, new summer Item Types will need to be created. Click on the “Summer” box on the "Create New Item Type" page. Item Types are now auto-approved twice a day.
  • For Graduate Division summer awards (block grants and departmentally-restricted awards), summer Item Types are already available. To locate them, check the “Summer Award?” box and uncheck the “Enrollment Required?” box. Then search for department-specific item types as usual (e.g., “BG-___”).

New Summer Disbursement Plans
Below are the new disbursement codes for summer with the corresponding schedule:

  • SM (Dept.) and S1 (GD): Mid-May
  • S2: July 1
  • SE: Early Summer (for fees)
  • SU: Monthly (beginning of month, starting June 1)
  • SV: Monthly (end of month, from June 25 to July 25)
  • SW: Monthly (mid-month)

*Summer stipends are scheduled to begin disbursing in mid-May.

Policy Matters

Do not create summer awards for students who are graduating in May. Awards for students who have graduated should be created for a term in which they were enrolled.
Students who were not enrolled in the Spring (cancelled or withdrawn), and who are not enrolled in Summer, are not eligible for summer funding.

Student Batch Searches

There is now an option to search by student to see what batch(es) they are in. For more information, see the Search by Student job aid.

Thank you.

Student Information Systems