November 2019 Release

The SIS November 2019 Release is now available,

Here are some key highlights of new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral(link is external) functionality.


CalCentral: Financial Resources card redesign

The Financial Resources card in CalCentral has been redesigned to make finding resources easier. The most used links are grouped at the top for easy access.  Additional links are grouped by heading.

Graduate Academic Plan Change Form

A new Form, ‘Graduate Academic Plan Change,’ allows graduate students to request changes to their academic plans.  This includes adding, dropping or changing a graduate academic plan, sub-plan or designated emphasis.

Note: Earlier, these requests were submitted via  ‘Add Academic Program/Plan Form’ which was used for both Undergrad and Graduate students.

Navigation: Calcentral > My Dashboard > Student Resources card > Graduate Academic Plan Change

CalCentral: Candidacy Status and End Term Display 

Doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy will see candidacy status and candidacy end term information displayed in the “Degree Progress” card in CalCentral. This may also be viewed by Advisors.

CalCentral: New Admits will be able to see Holds

Newly admitted (non-matriculated) students will now have access to view their holds via CalCentral’s My Academics page. Previously, new admits did not have access to the My Academics tab or holds.

Prevent Unsupported Characters in Address Data

Improved validation has been added to check for unsupported characters such as international characters, emojis and tabs when student’s add or update their address data.  The warning message prompts the student to update the unsupported characters and save again.


CalCentral: Undergraduate Degree Progress Card update

Student access to the Academic Progress Report is extended beyond the last day of their Expected Graduation Term. The APR is now available to students up until the degree is officially “conferred”.

PSQuery/Export Framework Integration

Staff who want to schedule and retrieve query output via FTP for processing by an external process can now directly query output in .csv format to a dedicated FTP directory. It can be retrieved using your external process with FTP login credentials.  Contact to learn more.

Financial Aid Item types expanded functionality

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office can now create item types that do not display in CalCentral. This expanded functionality supports compliance, reporting and planning.

Summer Financial Aid Estimator improvements

Improvements were made to the Summer Financial Aid Estimator so the api uses configuration information to display the correct term in CalCentral.

Graduate Academic Plan Change eForm

As noted above, a new eform ‘Graduate Academic Plan Change’ is available for Graducate students to  submit requests regarding academic Plan changes (add, drop, or change a plan, designated emphasis or sub-plan). Prior to this new form, these requests were submitted via  ‘Add Academic Program/Plan Form’ which was used for both Undergrad and Graduate students.

Undergrad Academic Plan Change Form (for Advisors, not students)

The  ‘Add Academic Program/Plan Form’ has been renamed to ‘Undergrad Academic Plan Change’ and can now be used for Undergraduate students only.

Navigation: Calcentral > eForms Work Center > Undergrad Academic Plan Change (under Student category)

Transition of Student Forms from Classic to Fluid

Three forms: ‘Undergrad Academic Plan Change’, ‘Summer Late Petition’ , ’Add Concurrent Enrollment Form’ have been updated.  The forms will now adapt to the size of the device screen being used.

Law School Course Enrollment Application for UC Berkeley Graduate Students (Law Interdepartmental eform)

Once a form with a certain request has either been Withdrawn or Denied the student will now be able to submit a new form with the same request.

UCOP Student Financial Support data submission changes

Updated file layout in response to UCOP policy change beginning January 2020.

Add Comm Tab to Statement of Legal Residency (SLR) Administration Tool

A new tab has been added to the SLR page that displays residency related email communications that have been sent to the student.

CalCentral: Special Enrollment Petition Bug fixes and Enhancements

Additional checks and validations have been added to improve security in Special Enrollment Petition form in CalCentral.

Doctoral Candidacy Review Enhancements (form in CalCentral)

A “Save” button has been added so that students don’t have to complete their form in a single session, and will be able to return later to finish their submission. A URL link has been added to staff notifications allowing for quick access to form review.