Release 5.4

May 15, 2016

Release 5.4 


New Enrollment Card Labels

  • Based on student feedback, we renamed the Enrollment Card labels to better reflect the actual tools students can access at each step of the enrollment process.

Additional Delegated Access Functionality

  • Students could remove Delegated Access they previously granted to an individual.
  • Individuals with Delegated Access could view Academic Dates and Deadlines.

Additional Status, Blocks, and Holds Functionality

  • California Residency status was now displayed.


New Student Lookup Functionality

  • In the Advising Dashboard, staff with SIS Advisor Role ("advisors") could lookup a student by name, UID, or SID; save frequently viewed students; and see the Student Overview.
  • The Student Overview page included important student information, such as the student's Personal Summary, Major(s), University Requirements, Class Enrollment and Waitlist status, Final Exam Schedule. Advisors could also add Service Indicators and assign an advisor to the student. 


New Waitlist Information

  • Instructors could view their fall semester 2016 Class Waitlist information from the instructor's class selection under the My Academics Enrollment tab.

Note on partial functionality

  • Berkeley's transition to the new SIS was phased, occuring across a series of go-lives. Some features were initially released with only some of the functions that would exist in the final version. 
  • The SIS team then continued to build and improve each feature based on rollout plans and user feedback from students, staff, and instructors.
  • One example was the Multi-Year Planner that the SIS team was developing for new students.
  • At first, students would be able to use it for planning their fall 2016 courses only; but by September 2016, it became fully functional as a Multi-Year Planner.