Go-Live 6

 August 1, 2016

Go-Live 6


Students and their delegates**

  • Beginning mid-August scholarships, financial aid and institutional awards would be disbursed to eligible graduate and undergraduate students (including law). Students could monitor student account balance in CalCentral.

  • Beginning mid-August, refunds (funds paid to students by the university) would be released to students with over-payments on the student’s account.

    • Students should sign-up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to receive refunds directly in their bank account.

  • Students and their delegates could view account activity regularly at CalCentral > My Finances > Billing Summary Fall 2016 > Details. Information available was close to real-time.

  • Students must pay fees and clear their holds by August 19 to become officially registered and eligible for campus services.

  • Students wishing for their ‘Other Payer’ in the legacy system to continue to see and pay bills must re-authorize that individual to be a delegate in CalCentral.

  • International students: The process for withholding tax on awards in excess of qualified fees has been streamlined. Withholding transaction information was available under student’s billing account activity.

  • Students sponsored by a third-party agency: If a student’s agency required an invoice from the campus in order to release their sponsorship funding, the student must submit the award letter promptly. The process for paying fees and collecting payments from the agency has changed significantly.


Staff should review the new functionality for students, since many of these changes would affect staff. In addition:

Tuition and Fees

  • Staff with Advisor Role could view Fall 2016 activity, including fee assessment, new charges, payments, and - beginning in mid-August - aid disbursement and refunds.

  • Fee remission credits were interfaced automatically based on HCM job data.

  • International students with awards in excess of qualified fees would have withholding performed in Campus Solutions instead of BFS.

* Note: There was no significant new instructor-specific functionality as a result of this SIS Go-Live.

**A trusted individual who has been given access to student information by that student.