June 2018 Release

The SIS June 3, 2018 Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral functionality:


Summer Late Petition eForm

The Petition for Late Change of Class schedule eForm is now available to Summer Sessions students (Graduate students, Summer Visitors, or Coursework Only students). Students will now be able to submit requests for Late Add/Drop/Change of Grading Basis and Change of units past the initial enrollment deadline. These requests are exceptional.

Graduate student Academic Progress Report

In April 2018, graduate students were granted access in CalCentral to run their own Academic Progress Reports (APR) directly from the My Academics tab. This report provides graduate students with a comprehensive breakdown of the requirements for their intended degree and status of each requirement satisfied or still pending). Grad students will have an APR for each degree plan on record, such as multiple master degrees or a masters and PhD.

For more information, view the SIS job aid on How Grad Students View an APR

CalCentral Updates for Law Students

Improvements were made to the School of Law user experience in CalCentral to better meet the unique needs of its students and staff. These improvements including CalCentral messaging, display of academic information, and useful links.  

Law eTranscript   

Students at the School of Law can now request PDF transcripts directly within CalCentral. This provides a cost-effective and FERPA-compliant method for Law students to send transcripts to prospective employers.


ROMA (Roster Management) Enhancements

Improvements were made to the Class Roster grid in SIS Campus Solutions. These improvements include the addition of new columns and content such as waitlist position, double majors, and related classes, as well as improvements to messaging and hover-over text.

Summer Tuition Credit

The business rules within SIS Campus Solutions for activating the Summer Tuition Credit have been updated to ensure more accurate adherence to Summer Sessions’ course drop policy.  Grants of exceptions are at Summer Sessions’ discretion and will be coordinated through Billing & Payment Services.

Checklist Status

The description of “Active” has changed to “Processing” but the value remains “A”. The description of “Initiated” has changed to “Assigned” but the value remains “I”. This change intends to support students’ understanding of the statuses within CalCentral.

CalCentral to SIS Campus Solutions Header Change

The banner that appears when navigating from CalCentral to SIS Campus Solutions has been redesigned to support future functionality. In this redesign, additional buttons in the upper right-hand corner were inadvertently exposed to Advisors. As long as these buttons are not used there will be no change in functionality. If you happen to click one of these buttons and are taken to SIS Campus Solutions, click your browser’s “Back” button until you return to CalCentral. The SIS functional team is working to determine the best resolution. This is a known issue. There is no need to log a help ticket.

For more information on this issue, visit the SIS Known Issues webpage

Graduation Tracking Page

The Graduation Tracking page has been enhanced for better layout and organization of information. Auditing capability has been added to track changes, and the most recent user name and date/time for changes will now update properly on graduation notes.

CalNet Authentication

Reporting links delivered via email will now require CAS authentication. This requirement will be retroactive to reports links sent prior to June 3.


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