March 2018 Release

The SIS March 18, 2018 Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral functionality:


Clear browser cache

Search Function in BCS

The “magnifying glass” is now available to search for Menu navigation in Campus Solutions.

  • Select the Magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the page, enter a search word or phrase, and the related navigation links will display.  

Shortcut Keys

“Hot keys” perform immediate actions and reduce the need to use a mouse.  


Voter Registration

Students are now able to directly access the voter registration website through CalCentral.
Navigation: CalCentral > My Dashboard > Student Resources Card

Improved experience for applicants/New Admits

The user interface in MAP@Berkeley and CalCentral has been redesigned for UCB applicants and newly admitted students.  Required actions are presented more clearly, status updated in real time directly on the webpage. The links to available Financial Aid and Scholarship information are more clearly presented, improving newly admitted students’ understanding of actions they must take regarding their admission.

CalCentral Degree Progress Card

All newly admitted students will now see University Requirement status as “Under Review” rather than “Not Satisfied” in CalCentral while Transfer Credit is being processed. CalCentral will display a specific date to the student for when to expect the next status update.
Navigation: CalCentral > My Academics > Degree Progress Card

CalCentral Tasks Card

Updates have been made to help keep students on track! Tasks will now be grouped. Any items with a status of “Received” or “Active” will no longer appear as "Overdue" to students.
Navigation: CalCentral > My Dashboard > Tasks Card


CalCentral Grading Links

Grading links will be available in CalCentral to instructors during the midpoint deficient grading and finals grading windows.
Navigation: CalCentral > My Academics > Classes Card


CPP eForm Routing Changes

UCLS Add/Drop/Change Minor requests will now only route to the Minor Advisors.

All UGRD Add College (SIM degree) requests: Only routes to the New College Advisor since all the signatures are completed on the SIM packet prior to submitting the eform request. Once the form is approved by the New College an email notification will be sent to both the College advisors. (Exception: UCLS College Advisors opted out from receiving the Email Notifications)

SIM degree EGT Change requests: Only routes to the Home College Advisors and the Other College advisors need to be added to the routing via ad hoc routing option. Please refer to GT eForm SIM degree and EGT change Job Aid and the Academic Program/Plan Form .

Navigation: Campus Solutions > Main Menu > GT eForms WorkCenter > Add Academic Program/Plan Form

Higher Degree Committee card (student view)

Higher Degree Committee card (student view) is now displayed in CalCentral Student Overview page under the Degree Progress card. Advisors will no longer need to View-As student in order to access committee information.
Navigation: CalCentral > Student Overview > Higher Degree Committee Card

Law Transcripts

Completed analysis to identify data and conversion issues with Law Transcripts, and designed correction methodology.  Automated audit procedures are now implemented to identify data issues going forward.