October 2018 Release

The SIS October 2018 Release is now available.

Here are some key highlights of new SIS Campus Solutions and CalCentral functionality:


Disabled Students Program (DSP) Links

Students will see two new links on their “My Dashboard” in CalCentral: One link to sign up for Disabled Students Program (DSP) accommodations, and another link for managing DSP accommodations in SCARAB

Navigation: CalCentral > My Dashboard > Student Resources > Campus Services

New Location for Cal 1 Card in CalCentral

Students’ Cal 1 Card Debit Account balance and meal plan information has been moved to Cal 1 Card section of the “Financial Resources” card on the “My Finances” tab in CalCentral.

Navigation: CalCentral > My Finances > Financial Resources > Cal 1 Card


Final Exam Schedule in CalCentral

Instructors can now view Final Exam Schedule for undergraduate courses in CalCentral. Projected exam times are displayed at the beginning of an academic term, and replaced with the confirmed exam times and locations as they become available.

Navigation: CalCentral > My Academics

Disabled Students Program (DSP) Link Added to CalCentral

Instructors now have a link under the “My Dashboard” page in CalCentral which leads to SCARAB, which is the Disabled Students Program’s system for managing accommodation requests.

Navigation: CalCentral > My Dashboard > Faculty Resources


Streamlined Academic Change of Program/PlaneForm Approval Process

The Academic Change of Program/Plan (CPP) eForm now features a streamlined approval process, which eliminates redundant submission and approval processes. The eForm will recognize the approval authorization level of the form submitter/initiator and automatically route the form to the next step in the process.When submitting a single-step approval workflow, the eForm will recognize the authorization level of the initiator and automatically approve the request, if the submitter has approval authorization.

Additional Changes (UGRD): Simultaneous (SIM) degree Expected Graduation Term (EGT) change requests will now automatically route to all appropriate colleges for approval.

For more information, please view the SIS Job Aids table

Navigation: CalCentral > My Dashboard > Advising Resources > eForms Work Center > Add Academic Program/Plan Form

Academic Change of Program/Plan (CPP) eForm Subplan Fields

Selecting a subplan will now be mandatory for certain plans in the the Academic Change of Program/Plan (CPP) eForm when submitting a form with requests to Add/Change/Declare majors.

The following are the plans with a mandatory Subplan:

  • Letters & Science - Integrative Biology BA - 25975U
  • Letters & Science - MCB-Biochem & Mol Biol BA - 25966U
  • Letters & Science - MCB-Cell & Dev Biology BA - 25971U
  • Letters & Science - MCB-Genetics BA - 25967U
  • Letters & Science - MCB-Immunology BA - 25968U
  • Letters & Science - Global Studies BA - 25492U
  • Letters & Science - Scandinavian BA - 25834U

Navigation: CalCentral > My Dashboard > Advising Resources > eForms Work Center > Add Academic Program/Plan Form

Rejection and Waitlist Count Reports

Staff members can now generate reports on rejection and waitlist counts for each section within a course.

The rejection report counts the number of students who made unsuccessful attempts to enroll or waitlist for a course or class in a term.

The waitlist report counts the number of waitlisted students who did not drop off or enroll into any section of the course.

When a report is run, users will be linked to similar reports with details across different terms or classes.

Navigation: Reporting Center > SR Enrollment > Enrollment Counts

Transcripts Now Show Undergraduate Degree College

Undergraduate degree transcripts will now display the student’s major college of the degree earned.

Improvements Made to Enrollment Data Display

Improvements were made to the Semesters and Class Adjustment sections on the My Academics page in CalCentral to improve the display of enrollment data within the two sections of CalCentral.

Improvements Made to Swap Process with Time Conflict  

Modifications were made to the Time Conflict Override (TCOR) function to improve student Swap requests when a time conflict is present.

Waitlist Enrollment Display Change

The waitlist enrollment display will no longer appear to students in CalCentral after the end of the drop/add date. 

Clear browser cache

Please clear your browser cache before logging in to SIS Campus Solutions by following these instructions: